Guma blasts Khama as ‘arrogant’

16th December 2016
Guma Moyo Source:The Midweek Sun


By Kemoreilwe Jimson - Reporter

Outspoken Tati East Member of Parliament, Guma Moyo this week fired a salvo at Minister of Environment, Natural Resources, Conservation and Tourism, Tshekedi Khama saying he is “arrogant.”

He made this comment when complaining about elephants that are giving people in his constituency sleepless nights. He said the Minister is refusing to address his constituents even though they have on several occasions asked him to do so.  Moyo was responding to President Ian Khama’s state of nation address that he delivered last week in Parliament.

“I speak all the time about this issue. This issue of talking to leaders and they do not listen and don’t even bother to take any action, it is highest degree of irresponsibility. That cannot be tolerated,” said the highly charged Moyo.Even though the Minister was not present in Parliament Moyo made it point blank that he was not gossiping about him. “You go back and there is no compensation for people and they are living in fear.

If I cannot speak in here where can I speak? Why do we go to a level we do not listen to people? I have never seen such kind of arrogance in my life. We have called him he does not listen,” said the disappointed Moyo.He also said there is need for declaration of assets so that people can trust them as leaders. “There must be a way in which we account as how we make our wealth because most of the wealth we generate comes from the economy of this country.

We must come out with this bill it’s urgent,” noted Moyo adding that the need to be trusted is urgent. He said public assets must be placed under scrutiny. “The bill is there in South Africa. What makes it difficult for us to bring this bill?” asked Moyo. He also said the automatic succession makes him uncomfortable. “Leaders are imposed on us.

We need to review that and allow President to elect members of his cabinet outside Parliament. It is something that we need to look into carefully. Parliament must be strong on its own, free from the Executive,” he said. Meanwhile, Francistown East MP, Buti Billy said there is also a need for President Khama to attend Parliament regularly.

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