President Khama is ‘useless’ – BNF youth leader

16th December 2016
FIREBRAND: Richard Source:The Midweek Sun


By Kemoreilwe Jimson - Reporter

Botswana National Front Youth League’s (BNFYL) outgoing leader, Khumoekae Richard has labeled President Ian Khama as “a useless” person who likes deceiving the nation.

He made these comments when responding to President Khama’s State of Nation Address that he delivered last week on Monday before Parliament. According Richard, President Khama’s address was futile and sterile rhetoric and nothing much to write home about. “Just English and letters arranged and crafted with the sole intention to continue lying and deceiving the nation.

Dishing out empty promises. The nation wallows in abject poverty and misery while the President speaks English to our problems,” said Richard. He also added, “The President is whistling in the dark like an angel of the dark forces; mainly because he shuns parliamentary debates where laws and policies are made. How can he be informed when he doesn’t want to hear an alternative voice; a voice of reason for that matter?” Richard called for the introduction of a fully-fledged Ministry of Youth that deals specifically with youth matters uncompromised and with undivided attention.

He said youth plight cannot be addressed by scanty and sketchy policies that are labeled job-shadowing interventions. “We have seen the rise of some useless programmes that took form and shape of Government Volunteer Scheme, Internship among other ridiculous lot,” he said, adding that these programmes are in essence, exploitation and modern slavery.

On cost sharing for tertiary education, he said government should first address the issue of salaries for workers. “There is a need to adjust the wages through a properly fathomed and tailored national salary structure to allow workers to be able to sustain their lives and have money to take care of their children’s education costs,” he said.In his address, President Khama said government is considering cost sharing because of limited financial resources for sponsorship.

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