Magistrate recuses himself in Mokone’s sedition case

16th December 2016
Mokone Source:The Midweek Sun


By Kemoreilwe Jimson - Reporter

Gaborone Regional Magistrate Chris Gabanagae has recused himself in a case in which Sunday Standard Editor, Lekgomethe Outsa Mokone is charged with sedition.

Gabanagae said he would not preside over the case because he knows Mokone and they have attended school together. The case will continue this Friday at Broadhurst Magistrate Court. Mokone attracted the sedition charge after his newspaper published a story alleging that President Ian Khama was involved in an accident while driving alone at night, which incident was not reported to the police.

State lawyer, Wesson Manchwe had earlier requested that the charge sheet be read to Mokone and the plea reserved. The article was written by senior reporter, Edgar Tsimane who is now living in exile in South Africa.

He fled the country after he received reports that his life was in danger from security personnel. The charge sheet states that the article contravenes section 50 and 51 of the penal code and section 33 of the Criminal Procedure and Evidence Act. Mokone is represented by Dick Bayford.

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