Sfiso’s Francistown show flops before he dies

12th December 2016
DECEASED: SA singer Sfiso Source:The Midweek Sun


By Peter Madiya - Reporter

Prominent South African gospel artists Sfiso Ncwane of the hit song Kulungile Baba died this week Monday leaving Francistowners deeply hurt as he was billed to perform at Francistown Sports Complex last Saturday.

Some local artists were to join him in a gospel festival organised by a local church. The promoter of the show, Brighton McKenzie was lost for words during an interview with The Midweek Sun following the announcement of Ncwane’s death.

He said that he was forced to postpone the gospel show on Friday after the South African artist’s ill health was reported to them. He regretted that the artist died before bidding Francistowners goodbye through a musical show.

McKenzie implores all those who had bought the Saturday show tickets to reclaim their money from different outlets they purchased tickets from but promised that Glory Tabernacle Ministries will look for another heavyweight gospel artist to hold a musical show to replace the missed and much anticipated show that was to be headlined by Ncwane.

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