Rabeisane: The boy was killed for ritual purposes

12th December 2016
Traditional Doctor Rabeisane Source:The Midweek Sun


By Sun Reporter - Reporter

The child was allegedly found through the help of a traditional doctor in Mogoditshane, Paul Keitholotse, popularly known as Rabeisane.

The Midweek Sun team then tracked him to his house where the dark and tall man from Nxamasere took us inside his consultation room that doubles as a bedroom, and made damning claims.

He said the child was killed by people who wanted to use his body parts for ritual purposes. He explained that the father of the child approached him for help last week Friday, a day after he was reported missing.

“I told them the child was inside the home. I did this together with the police. They did not want me to reveal who was behind the child’s death. But I used my divining plate to reveal everything. It is very powerful and I do not want it to get out of my hands because it can kill a person who is suspected of wrongdoing,” explained Keitholotse.

But surprisingly, police spokesperson, Superintendent Witness Boseja denied that they found the child with the help of the diviner. “I can confirm that the child was found inside the septic tank yesterday and we called doctors and they confirmed he was dead. At the moment investigations are still ongoing and no one has been arrested in connection with the death of the child,” he said.

Last year Rabeisane was arrested by Mogoditshane Police and charged P600 after he fingered a man in an incident where a woman had her gas cylinder stolen. Rabeisane confirms that the woman approached him for held, whereupon he used his magical plate that allegedly revealed the suspect. The aggrieved man, once confronted by Rabeisane and the woman, called the police who came to arrest him. He says that his ‘magic plate’ works just like a sniffier dog. “Ke a e tshwara e mashetla thata fa ke setse ke tlhatlhoba ka gore e kgona go bolaya motho,” said Keitholetse.

Supt. Boseja expressed concern about people who want to take law into their own hands. “Yesterday (Monday) we arrested three men and two women regarding what was happening at the child’s home. We are going to charge them for rioting,” said Boseja.

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