Major Prophet Rams foretells UDC’s loss

09th July 2018
SEEING INTO THE FUTURE: Major Prophet Ramotsepane Source:The Midweek Sun


By Yvonne Mooka -

Major Prophet Carvin Ramotsepane, popularly known as Major Prophet Rams last Sunday predicted the chaos within the opposition, Umbrella for Democratic Change.

The 33-year-old leader of The Flying Eagles Church in Molapowabojang was in his usual element of prophecy last Friday during his birthday bash, when he told his congregants about what God showed him. “I saw a white horse with seven heads. On top of the heads were seven names of constituencies. On the right hand, it was carrying a golden candle holder with seven burning white candles.” He said that horse represented the country, the heads represented constituencies, and the candle represents solidarity.

In his interpretation with The Midweek Sun, the prophet did not mince words. “Those that expected the UDC to win are going to be disappointed. God has shown me the seven constituencies. But there is no solidarity in the UDC. There’s too much selfishness and ego at play in there,” he said. His take is that UDC acts united on the outside but inside it is far from the truth. Based on this, he said that the ruling Botswana Democratic Party will retain power for a long time.

His second prophecy was that many Christians are going to leave their faith for Islam. “I saw Islam taking over. First there is going to be a shake in religious beliefs and many people will leave Christianity and become Muslims,” he said, urging Christians to pray hard.

His third prophecy was that God showed him an outbreak of disease in the near future, that is going to affect pregnant women and babies. His last prophecy was that he saw youth of this country carrying lots and lots of money in their pockets, but wearing torn clothes. “Everything is there for these young people from the year 2000 but they all want to be in the entertainment industry. The only thing they want is being singers and dancers,” he said. 

Meanwhile, one of the attendants at the service was Health and Wellness minister Alfred Madigele. Major Prophet Rams said that God was going to expand the legislator because ‘he is a good and sweet man.’ Dr. Madigele, who was dancing during the birthday party told this reporter that he had a great time. “I enjoyed myself. I even left at 3am!” he said.

Major Prophet Rams became popular last year at the late Vincent ‘Steez’ Tiro’s memorial service when he appeared with his bodyguards, flaunting money on stage and talking about how rich he was.He had been invited to give a word of encouragement, which, however, many people said he did not do. He was reported to have told the audience, mostly artists, that they should stop crying for Steez and get serious about making money; something that annoyed people to the extent that they called him pompous. He would immediately leave the Civic Centre, startling people further.

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