Calls for BDP Francistown East MP to be investigated

09th July 2018
INVESTIGATED: Francistown East MP Buti Billy Source:The Midweek Sun


By Peter Madiya - Reporter

Disgruntled Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) prospective candidates for parliament and council at Francistown East constituency have written to Tsholetsa House requesting that area Member of Parliament Honest Buti Billy be reprimanded.

The MP is allegedly fingered in the ‘mysterious’ disappearance of  5000 voters from the voters’ roll in what his competitors strongly suspect to be a well-devised plan to steal the vote during the August primary elections which will decide the candidate to face the opposition in the 2019 general elections.
BDP Secretary General Mpho Balopi declined to make any comments regarding the matter saying he was busy preparing for the memorial service of BDP PEEC Chairperson, Gaotlhaetse Matlhabaphiri who was handling such complaints before his demise.

“I can only make any comments as from next week in order to honour Rre Matlhabaphiri and family as some people will be bound to mention his name time and again which will not sit well with the bereaved family and in the Setswana culture,” Balopi said.

In their letter of complaint addressed to Balopi, disgruntled BDP council and parliamentary candidates revealed that various cells and wards within the constituency submitted completed registration books to the branch secretary Boikanyo Bateng together with the corresponding funds, only for the books not to find their way to Tsholetsa House as revealed by the ongoing PEEC voters roll verifications.

The concerned parties say when they confronted the branch secretary regarding the missing books, he then pointed an accusing finger at MP Billy who will also contest the primary elections.

“As things stand, the registration books are unaccounted for but all the suspicions point at Billy who is also among the competitors for the constituency. This is a disturbing revelation capable of destabilising the party and Francistown East but we are conscious of the need to resolve this matter in a professional way and we are hoping that this matter receives your utmost attention without the need to seek redress elsewhere,” the concerned members stated.

They also prayed that Billy should be disciplined together with his campaign manager and prospective council candidate for Satellite South One Lekau whom they accuse of being involved in the scandal.

The disgruntled signatories also want the party to allow those whose names do not appear in the registration books to be registered again so that they can be able to take part in the primary elections. Efforts to solicit a comment from Billy drew a blank at press time as his mobile rang unanswered. He did not respond to a text message sent him.

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