BDP cell secretary reports Moswaane to police

28th June 2018
TROUBLE MAKER: Week in and week out, MP Ignatious Moswaane is accused of one thing or the other. This time he claims innocence. Source:The Midweek Sun


By Peter Madiya - Reporter

Botswana Democratic Party’s (BDP) Francistown West constituency cell secretary Kwangu Philime has lodged a complaint against area Member of Parliament Ignatius Moswaane and his partner in crime Nthinthi Baakile.

The duo allegedly forced her to sign a letter whose contents she was not aware of since she was not given any time to read it. Her frustrations follow hard on a strong worded letter to the party leadership by 22 candidates vying for various positions in the constituency during the August 2018 BDP primary elections against Moswaane pertaining to the issuance of some voters registration books.

The books were allegedly not properly handed to the constituency structures but rather handed to the MP’s cronies in violation of party procedure. Those close to the current development allege that the MP decided to force the cell secretary to sign a document which would distance him from any complaints against maladministration lodged by his competitors who strongly feel that the MP was never transparent with voter registration.

Following her alleged capture by the MP and signing of the mysterious document, Philime then rushed to the police with the aim of writing a sworn affidavit which will save her from any harm in the event the letter she was forced to sign would put her in trouble in future. In her affidavit to the police, Philime states that on the 23rd of June 2018 at around 12:30 hours, she was confronted by MP Moswaane and his aide, Nthinthi.

She said they ordered her to join them on their way to the party office only for the two to then force her to sign a letter whose contents she was not aware of. She said she only saw the names of Moswaane’s competitor Raoboy Mpuang in the document she was forced to sign which scared the daylights out of her as the party cell secretary. When confronted concerning the above allegations, both Moswaane and Baakile claimed ignorance and denied everything Philime said despite being shown the police affidavit in question.

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