21st May 2018
Source:The Midweek Sun


By Yvonne Mooka -

Drama ensued this past Sunday at Solution House Church by Jesus Christ in Pilane when the leader Prophetess Kebelaele Ditsebe asked people to confess their sins and expose the evil mediums they use such as church strings (meitlamo), traditional muti and to stop visiting traditional doctors.

In a packed white tent, the leader told The Midweek Sun that she saw the words ‘Dirty! Dirty! Dirty!’ and that God is not happy with the rate at which Christians are comfortable in their sins in the church today.

The title of the message was ‘Unusual miracles’ and it was derived from Acts 19:1-19 where believers repented and burnt the evil mediums they had been using. In the same way, congregants at Solution House Church removed church strings, and took out small bottles containing muti, which they said they had received from traditional doctors, or witchdoctors as the prophetess called them.

The mediums were collected and burnt. A group of people, both young and old, held papers showing diseases they are suffering from and asking for prayers. It was similar to what happens on Nigerian Prophet T.B. Joshua’s Emmanuel TV where people hold white sheets with their problems written on them. Such included high blood pressure, diabetes, blindness, failure to walk and heart problems, among many others.

According to Ditsebe, Christians today have made the church of God a playground where they can just sin during the week and act holy on Sunday. She said that some Christians use traditional doctors, saying they protect themselves, which she says is contrary to God’s word. “Sin hinders you from receiving from God.

Here I teach repentance and deliverance, and I hate sin,” she said, adding that it is an insult to God to live a double-life as a Christian. As she called out those that wanted to repent from using mediums, many came to the front. Over 20 of them admitted to using traditional doctors and said they wanted to stop. A young pregnant lady said she had been dating her boyfriend for seven years now and was using muti on him so that he could marry her. “I visited a traditional doctor and he gave me muti to bathe with it so that he could stick with me to the very end. He also gave me muti to put in his food, which I panicked to do,” she said, revealing that he charged her P50 per visit.

Another woman in her early 30s said she got muti from a traditional doctor to attract a man to marry her, whom she is still waiting for. “He said I should bathe and call out the type of man I wanted. I’ve been using his muti for three months now and I have not met the rich, businessman that I want. I also want prayers to stop prostitution, and lying,” she said, as she removed a string around her waist that she said she got from her previous church for protection.

A woman, light in complexion and in her 40s, said she had been promiscuous from a young age. She revealed that she would date eight boyfriends at the same time. “I used to have mostly one-night stands and I have had close to 10 abortions,” she said. Another woman said her daughter was recently admitted at SBRANA psychiatrist hospital after she got tempted to visit a traditional doctor who tied moitlamo around her waist and gave her muti to bathe with. She also revealed that she needed deliverance as she was dreaming of dead people and big snakes. Another woman said during her previous marriage, she used muti as she could not have a child. A woman with an eye-problem said she visited a traditional doctor after losing her job.

“He took me to a mountain and we spent the night there. He took some soil under one of the big rocks and said I should bathe with it and also gave me muti to mix with my body lotion,” she said. Another woman in her 50s said she visited a traditional doctor with her husband upon discovering that her mother-in-law did not like her. “We did it to protect myself and our poultry business,” she said. There was another woman who said she needed to be delivered from dating married men, revealing that they like her and that she was in love with one.

“You’re cruel. How can you sleep with another woman’s husband? Yours is not a demon but an attitude problem,” Ditsebe said to her. And then there was this young man in his 20s: he said he needed help as he was a thief. He confessed to robbing people of their properties, and had bad influence from his friends. He had marks all over his face which he said were from the street fights. Drama as old man clashes with Prophetess in church An older woman seated next to her husband came complaining about pain on her left leg, waist pain and feeling chocked by something she did not know.

She told Prophetess Ditsebe that her husband is a traditional doctor, an uttering which the prophetess immediately cut, saying that God does not allow traditional doctors. The old man however, was quick to respond that he will never renounce his calling. “Ke a gana. Ga nkitla ke bo tlogela. Le bangwe gone ha ba a nkitse. Ke thusa bana le mongwe le mongwe ebile ke na le dipampiri. Ga ke moloi. Le Modimo o a itse ka bongaka jwame,”- literally translated: ‘I refuse to renounce being a traditional doctor. Some people in this church know me.

I help children and just everyone, and I’m a registered traditional doctor, not a witch. God knows about me.’ This infuriated the prophetess, who said she had washed her hands off the man. “He doesn’t want to be helped, but God loves him and he wants him to repent,” she cited Deuteronomy 18:9-14 for reference. The old couple then left while the church was still on.

Meanwhile, there were testimonies from people saying they had been healed after being prayed for and delivered. A lady who said she had not had her menstrual period for three years went to the toilet and came back, saying it had come. Prophetess Ditsebe became popular last year after saying that God was using her to heal cancer and HIV/AIDS.

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