Tight battle for Nata/Gweta

21st May 2018
HOPEFUL: Ditiro Majadibodu Source:The Midweek Sun

The battle for Nata/Gweta constituency at Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) ahead of the August primary elections will make history in the sense that it will be the first of its kind where seven parliamentary candidates will try their luck to oust the current seating Member of Parliament (MP), who in this case is Polson Majaga.

Among the candidates is the former area Member of Parliament Oliphant Mfa who was toppled by Reiner Makosha in 2004. Mfa is currently a specially-elected councillor for the Central District Council. Other candidates include Ditiro Majadibodu, Lawrence Ookeditse, Mabunga Gadibolaye, Mbanga Mbanga and Makosha who will be making a second attempt to go to Parliament in 2019.

Ookeditse, a former employee at the youth, sports and culture ministry is said to have hit the ground running going on familiarisation tours where he also hosts musical shows to lure the youth to his side. Recently, he staged some shows from Lepashe area to Nata. Known by the moniker Stallion, Ookeditse can only cause an upset if he focuses his attention on the idle youth in the constituency. Compared to the incumbent, Ookeditse has a mammoth task before the primaries since he has not penetrated other areas in the constituency including Manxotae, Sepako and other villages.

And a probe by The Midweek Sun in the constituency clearly reflects that Ookeditse is not as popular as many think, and he will need to up his game against Majaga who appears to be a darling among voters. Meanwhile, it has also emerged that it will be a very tough task to oust Majaga who is a people’s man in the area as he is able to bring himself down on earth by sharing even cartons of Chibuku and other forms of the waters of immorality with voters. Among the cattle herdsmen in the area, he also commands a lot of respect as his name puts a smile on any face.

Another candidate who should not be counted out of the race is Majadibodu who represented Botswana Congress Party (BCP) during the past general elections where he suffered a blow from Majaga. Now that he is at BDP, it remains to be seen whether he will use his popularity in the constituency to lure those who voted for him to his side. In 2014, Majaga defeated him by a margin of 470 votes, which makes him one of the heavy weights in the race. The former Director of Education Galebolayi who resigned from his job last week Monday is a closed book for Nata/Gweta residents and will have to prove his worth when the primary election campaigns start. Mbanga who is a seating councillor will also use those who voted for him and many others in an attempt to replace Majaga.

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