A Mosarwa seer who can shame Televangelists

21st May 2018
TALENTED: Big Size Source:The Midweek Sun


By Peter Madiya - Reporter

One would never think that Big Size, a Mosarwa diviner residing in Nata, is capable of shaming most Televangelists that are amassing millions at the expense of poor Christians.

Whilst thousands of Batswana are flocking to South Africa and pay a whooping P7000 to see Prophet Sherperd Bushiri, Big Size receives his own flock of troubled souls and he can prophesy and heal miraculously at no cost at all. Basarwa have always been renowned for being good at foretelling the future without any hassle as well as for their deep knowledge of various herbs and other plants as well as their health benefits. The Midweek Sun’s visit to Nata occasioned a short encounter with this knowledgeable man who only introduced himself as Big Size.

That’s all about his identity he was willing to share. He can neither read nor write. Even his Setswana is difficult to make out as it is more influenced by his mother tongue Sesarwa.

Seated on the banks of Nata river where he had gone to fish for cat fish, the old seer started by identifying this reporter spiritually to the extent of drawing him a plan of where he resides, including the streams and trees next to his place. As if that was not enough, he even revealed, looking at the reporter’s palms, that he was going to meet an old friend in Nata village who would give him the best treat and trip back to Francistown without any hassles and money spent, a prophecy which came to pass on Sunday when the encounter with an old friend happened on transit to Francistown.

Big Size who is a Mosarwa by birth reveals that in their tradition, there are those who are chosen by God to be spiritual ears and eyes of the tribe as well as healers for all those who would need such.

He explains that his ability to see into the future is an inborn art that he inherited from his forefathers who have advised him not to be blinded by money whilst performing the spiritual task. Unlike other Tswana traditional healers who use cowrie shells and bones complimented by beads of various colours, Big Size does not possess such, for he says that the power of their healing is normally in the hands and of course some few natural herbs they are accustomed to.

For having proved that he can foretell the future and the past and one’s general geographical location without any GPRS or hidden cameras, the seer demands a P2 coin. When a P20 note is offered instead, he refuses to accept it saying that he only needs two pula, but advised that the note be given to his companion for his own use. During this short encounter, the seer had showcased some various traditional herbs which he says have been used to save mankind for some time.

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