Church leaders reveal why women flock the church than men

21st May 2018
ON WOMEN: TD Jakes says women as pillars of the family often go more to church than their men. Source:The Midweek Sun


By Yvonne Mooka -

In one of his sermons, Bishop T.D. Jakes said women are the pillars of their families and that it is common to find that it is the wife who goes to church than the man.

He teaches that women are hungry for fellowship and spiritual uplifting which sums up as empowerment. While this is true, women on the other hand are often portrayed in churches as desperate-for-miracles. Take for example what happened at Solution House By Jesus Christ in Pilane this past Sunday. Ninety-eight percent of the congregants that went up to the front to confess their sins for using traditional doctors and muti were women.

While some said they visited traditional doctors to look for jobs and to strengthen their struggling businesses, majority said they were in search for potential husbands or to ensure the men they are dating marry them. One heavily pregnant woman said she had been with her boyfriend for seven years and visited a traditional doctor who gave him muti to bathe with so that he does not leave her.

“He also gave me muti to put in his food, which I panicked to do,” she said, revealing that he charged her P50 per visit,” she said, asking for deliverance. In a loud voice, Prophetess Kebaleele Ditsebe warned men in the church to discern and to be spirit-filled in order to escape the seduction of women coming to church for wrong reasons. During the service, there were those who said they had been moving around churches to ‘destroy’ church leaders who do not have a strong Godly power.

When you watch Christian television channels, you would see that it is mostly women that are always lying on the floors, vomiting stuff and being delivered. Pastor Elizabeth Nyathi has this observation about women in churches: That women love God and have been called by God to win their unbelieving husbands to God through their conduct. She said that the reason women are mostly attacked by the devil is because they carry power to transform nations. “When Christ resurrected, it was women who witnessed it first.

Deborah, the mother of Israel, was a prophetess, a judge and a wife; so women are powerful when they fear God,” she said. Her other realisation is that women who do not fear God attract attacks from the enemy. “Women need to pray like never before and all these demon manifestations they exhibit in churches will end. We need women to be used by God to change lives and not to manifest that they are destroying other women’s lives,” she said.

Apostle Moses Muradzi of Gospel Glory Ministries said that situations in life make women vulnerable to the devices of the enemy. He has handled conflicts in church where women, both young and old, and those in leadership fought each other. “In one incident, one of them accused the others of destroying her courtship with a brother in church and she ended up leaving church,” he said. On a lighter note, he said men are often hard-hearted and do not want to be told what to do even when it is an instruction in the Bible. He however said there are committed and consistent men who go to church and serve.

“Just like women, we have men who come to ask for help. For example, need for a wife, a job, business growth and deliverance from generational curses. It’s just that women are mostly attacked because they are the ones that love God more in most families,” he said. He however revealed that women are the most effective leaders in churches, explaining that just as they run their homes well, they also ensure there is order in the church. “Women understand excellence better and they are behind the success of church events because they work hard. They are not just capable, but also available,” he said. Women are almost two thirds more likely than men to believe in God, a major study of attitudes among middle aged Britons has found.

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