Women share pearls of wisdom

21st May 2018
FOUNDER OF PEARLS: Pearl Ndlovu Source:The Midweek Sun

The first-ever Pearls of Wisdom BW session held last week at Ave Maria has proven that women need platforms to meet and share a lot regarding life issues.

Founder of Pearls of Wisdom BW, Pearl Ndlovu told this publication that as a young mother, a wife and a sister, it is realities of life that have awakened her to form this organisation. She said women face a lot of challenges and need one another in order to beat any obstacles that may arise in their journey of life.

Pearls of Wisdom BW was formed to help women deal with such issues. “It is a women’s empowerment talk session where the Ruths come to meet the Naomis to learn the moral precepts of how to be a mother, a wife and how to build a family and just how to be a woman generally, God’s way,” explained Ndlovu.

During the events, elderly women talk to the youngsters and later questions are asked and answered to give everyone an opportunity to share their experiences. The initial event attended by over 50 people was launched on the theme: ‘Woman, you are a creator of life.’ Guest Speaker of the day, Tuelo Moremi, emphasised that women have the power to create and destroy life, be it families, children and marriages.

She said women should rise above the images and emotions that they portray. “As women, we are bottling up a lot of things and just need such an initiative to mingle and share, I really feel relieved today and know that I am not alone. What is important about this talk session is that we are learning from experienced people,” said one of the attendants. Ndlovu, 32, said they plan to hold the event on quarterly basis and grow it to become international.

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