Air Botswana fires GM, Board

27th November 2015
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By Dikarabo Ramadubu -

Government has parted ways with both the National airline- Air Botswana’s general manager and its board of directors on Tuesday afternoon, The Midweek Sun can reveal. At the time of going to press, it was not clear what could have led government to take such a bold step in the history of the troubled airline.

However indications are that, there might have been heated debates behind closed doors. Minister of Transport and Communications, Tshenolo Mabeo confirmed that they have parted ways with the Zimbabwean national, Ben Dahwa, but that it was an “amicable separation.”

Speaking to The Midweek Sun on Tuesday afternoon, Mabeo said; “It is true that we have parted ways with Dahwa. We agreed that we should part ways in the best interest of the airline. He has not been fired.” The minister also confirmed that they have parted ways with the whole board of directors of the airline for economic reasons. “We were compelled by the state of affairs of the airline,” he said.

Mabeo was cagey as to who would take over as GM either on acting capacity or as substantive. “We are currently working around the clock to come up with someone who will hold the fort as well as to constitute the board members because the airline business has to continue,” he said. As a shareholder government has a representative on the board whose experience will assist the business to flow.

To avoid causing panic among the staff, the Ministry dispatched an envoy to communicate with both the senior management and the entire Air Botswana staff about the goings on at the airline. Dahwa’s departure is not a shock as he has been having a turbulent term of office. However, he managed to hang on against all odds until Tuesday where he handed in the keys to the ministry at 4 pm.

Speaking during the airline stakeholder engagement forum in July, Dahwa was extensively quoted as having expressed confidence that the national airline has been on a steady rise since 2014, with its on-time performance (OTP) realising an increase of up to 87 percent. He is the seventh GM to leave the airline.

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