Moswaane accused of sabotaging recruits

15th May 2018
CENTRE OF THE STORM: Ignatious Moswaane is fingered in BDP regional wars Source:The Midweek Sun

When Mokgweetsi Masisi and Mpho Balopi officially received Barulaganyi Bakang Mooketsi and Isaac Keleagetse into the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) last year, democrats were over the moon with joy.

After all they had just poached two hard working members who gave them a scare in the 2014 general election whilst still members of the Botswana Congress Party (BCP). BDP members strongly believed that their leader had chosen the right minds to elevate their party and make it fashionable among the youth in Francistown West, a constituency under the incumbency of Ignatius Moswaane.

Lo and behold, things have since taken a nasty twist. A voice clip in possession of The Midweek Sun making rounds among BDP members in Francistown from one of Moswaane’s blue eyed women shows the constituency is currently bedevilled by many issues.

The woman in the clip is issuing a directive in a BDP WhatsApp’s group of Francistown West constituency that all those who were recruited from BCP must first hand over their BCP membership cards before they and their membership can be accepted at the BDP. She continues that even those harbouring intentions to campaign as ward councillors must make sure that whoever they bring to be registered as a new BDP member must first bring the membership card of the political party they previously belonged to. Aggrieved members regard this as an excuse to sabotage them. Efforts to get a comment from Moswaane proved futile by press time as his mobile phone rang unanswered.

In a letter written to the party leadership, the two concerned members indicated that they are given a raw deal by Moswaane who does not even allow them access to voter registration books as well as not allowing them to address any political rally in the constituency. They also complained that it has become a habit for the MP to corner those he deems to be against him by promising them Specially-elected councillor positions in order for him to disorientate their thinking and intentions to compete.

They continued that the new membership registration rules in Francistown West are denying the members they brought along from BCP a chance to join the ruling party since they are required to produce their former party’s membership cards even when one does not have it. They also complained that their grievances have never been resolved despite once forwarding the complaints to BDP Political Education and Elections Committee Francistown West representative.

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