Jongman has lost 34 kg in a year

15th May 2018
MAN ON A MISSION: Kgomotso Jongman is doing everything possible to prevent lifestyle Source:The Midweek Sun


By Yvonne Mooka -

Popular local social worker Kgomotso Jongman is a man on a mission to stay healthy and he is already seeing results. Many people would remember him as a bulgy man who empowers on social skills and welfare issues.

It is also his weight that had for a long time attracted attention of many people. This is something he is aware of and purposed to rectify last year and beyond. In a space of a year, he has already lost 34 kg and he is working on shedding more weight. “From April 2017, to April this year, I have moved from 132kg to 98 kg. I feel a lot younger and it has increased my level of risk-taking in life. I’m ready to pursue more things,” he tells The Midweek Sun.

He reveals that for the whole year, he never took a soft drink but drank solely water. Jongman also stopped eating sugary foods such as chocolates, yoghurt, bread, among others, and dealt away with processed foods. He replaced them with dietary fibre and fruit and vegetables. “I hate eating vegetables but I had no other choice but to eat them and I’m winning.

I can even eat boiled broccoli. Previously, I’d vomit but now my taste buds have adapted,” he says. Further, his new life includes keeping good company and surrounding himself with people that make him feel good about himself and make him laugh. In addition, he goes to the gym five days a week.

He joined this year’s 30 km Desert Walk in Jwaneng for the first time. “Actually, I have taken part in four walks so far this year and I’m definitely going to the July Desert race. All this makes me move from my physical to mental strength. It’s first of all, mind-over-matter,” he says. According to a 2014 national survey to assess the burden of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD) risk factors in Botswana about 31 percent of Batswana were recorded to be overweight.

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