Avoid Flu this winter

09th May 2018
Dr Sunil Kumar Kadiyala Source:The Midweek Sun



 Now that the harsh winter predicted by the meteorological services department is upon us, the highly contagious influenza virus will be looking for hosts.

The virus passes from nose and throat when someone sneezes or coughs. Flu, however, explains Dr Sunil Kumar Kadiyala of Dr Kadiyala Surgery Clinic, differs from a common cold. “Flu symptoms may differ between people and can range from running/stuffing nose, sore throat, cough, fever to other generalised symptoms such as fatigue, fever, headache, muscle joint aches and stomach upset.”

People at a higher risk of contacting flu include young children, older adults, pregnant women and those with long term health problems. He says that flu can get complicated, although a rare phenomenon, resulting in severe infections of the throat or chest. Therefore it is important to be alert and make sure that flu is avoided this winter.

To be on the safe side, Dr. Kadiyala advises that you cover up from head to toe to avoid heat from escaping; take plenty fluids, avoid outdoors, particularly early mornings and use humidifiers to ease airflow and avoid overcrowded places. Parents should also take their children for flu vaccination as it covers children from six months of age, for this year’s protection. “Supplements such as multivitamins (Vitamin C) are also highly needed in winter to keep flu away and people should make it a habit to regularly wash their hands,” he advises.

In case one gets flu, Dr Kadiyala highlights that one should visit a nearby clinic immediately. He says that most people may take flu lightly, but it is important to get it treated because it weakens the immune system. Keep warm, take your flu meds, and get adequate rest for sore muscles and the immune system to recover. Fruits and vegetables are basically needed to beat flu. Dr Kadiyala says one important key advice for flu is for one to avoid exercising until they feel better.

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