Sadique Kebonang exiting politics

16th April 2018
QUITTING: Sadique Kebonang Source:The Midweek Sun

Member of Parliament for Lobatse, Sadique Kebonang was left with egg on the face when he was excluded from the new Cabinet. His detractors are now writing his political obituary, and sources close to the happenings in Lobatse say he has already indicated that he would not be contesting elections in 2019. It doesn’t rain but pours for the former Minister of Mineral Resources, Green Technology and Energy Security, who has been implicated in the P250million money laundering of the National Petroleum Fund, a matter he has distanced himself from at his Public Accounts Committee appearance this past Tuesday.

Other inside government and BDP sources claimed that Masisi was never a fan of Kebonang, who is believed to have been ‘Khama’s person.’ While some critics are adamant that there is a plush post coming his way, others insist that leaving out Kebonang, Prince Maele and Guma Moyo was Masisi’s way of proving his commitment to fighting corruption. All three men have been implicated in money-related scandals. Guma and Kebonang recently faced off in a social media spat and Guma fell short of calling Kebonang a thief, while the Lobatse MP referred to Guma as a “professional accountant” with dubious credentials. Several candidates have already expressed interest in the Lobatse parliamentary seat and names are already being thrown around including that of a Gaborone tender boy raised in Lobatse named Kamal Jacobs, who has, according to sources, already started buying votes by dolling out money and “hampers” to residents. Former CEDA CEO Thapelo Matsheka who hails from Peleng, and former communications and public affairs manager at NFBIRA, Tapologo Kwapa who was raised in Woodhall, are also eyeing the seat. But it’s not all hunky dory fair play. One of the candidates is alleged to even fear for his life. A Lobatse BDP insider revealed: “Trouble is brewing in the party structures and there is a lot of infighting and backstabbing, with claims of death and phones being tapped, being thrown around. “It is common talk that some candidates for councillor and MP positions are being eliminated.

At the funeral of one BDP politician in the township, talk was rife that the deceased had been poisoned,” the source added. The source also indicated that the family always suspected foul play. Furthermore, indications are that some party snoops were sent to the family home to try and confiscate the cellphone and party documents of the deceased but family members refused. “Rumours are rife and there is well-known friction between certain party members and the family.” Efforts to speak to the family of the deceased were met with hostility. A family representative responded: “The deceased was ill. Death is not exclusive to certain people and everyone will meet their end. We won’t discuss street talk because we are Christians of integrity who do not deal with people who do not fear God.” Meanwhile, Matsheka, who is believed to have the backing of top party officials, as well as businessmen and CEOs, who are funding his campaign, is said to be at the forefront of the race. “It is a money game. In politics, everyone has a price,” said a source. Kebonang could not be reached for comment at press time.

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