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16th April 2018
Minister Makgato Source:The Midweek Sun


By Yvonne Mooka -

Elsewhere in this edition, we chronicle reactions to the new cabinet appointed by President Mokgweetsi Masisi, where people speculated on why Advocate Sadique Kebonang and Edwin Batshu were left out. Here we look at what ordinary people said about some appointments of other ministers. This is what Batswana told The Midweek Sun.

Nonofo Molefhi Presidential Affairs, Governance and Public Administration minister Those he served at the infrastructure ministry were evidently devastated to lose him. Employees there viewed him as the best thing that ever happened to them and were uncomfortable about his replacement, Unity Dow. This is because they feel she failed at the education ministry and are not convinced she will manage as minister of infrastructure and housing development. Known for his humility across the political divide, there are some Batswana who feel Molefhi should have been the Vice President. After losing Botswana Democratic Party’s chairmanship to Masisi last year, he swore to work with him. He never spoke ill of him and when Masisi retained him in cabinet, many were excited. This after an impression had been created that Masisi would drop him. Molefhi always maintained that he was only exercising his constitutional right with no elusive intents or hard feelings. He said in one of the press conferences that holding different views is democratic but said it must be done with respect and dignity. “It is a pity when leaders are the ones sowing seeds of discord among fellow democrats. Do not forget people on the ground on your way up because you need them to support the ladder for you when you go down,” he said. He continues to receive accolades from people. “I salute him with all my heart. Great man. Thanks to HE for keeping him close. He will advise him well and even greater,” said Daniel Simola, a local pastor. Young people took to Facebook to express their admiration of him.

Dorcas Makgato Nationality, Immigration and Gender Affairs minister She is known to be a spirit that calls a spade a spade, and not a big spoon. Her admirers in the health sectors feel she was taken away too soon and has unfinished business in her previous role as the Minister of Health and Wellness. “I still wanted her at the Ministry of Health. She had a clear working plan that was now beginning to show results. I think HE removed her prematurely,” said one Cafen Galapi, a health worker. While some feel she would take time to understand her new ministry, there are some who are unfazed, saying she is result-oriented. “She has been around for long and is not easily intimidated. She is an achiever at heart,” said one Lesang Mmereki. Nevertheless, there are some that feel that HE Masisi should have kept Batshu in this ministry as he was doing exceptionally well.

Dr. Alfred Madigele Minister of Health and Wellness He was appointed Assistant Minister of Health in October 2014. He studied for his degree in Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology in Ireland where he also worked before coming to serve at Princess Marina. He would later join private practice. He ran Health Synergy – a company that specialises in health consultancy and corporate medicine for over 10 years. He was appointed Director of Motor Vehicle Fund–MVA Botswana in 2009. He has won the hearts of Batswana in his partnership with the media where he had a column and also a slot in one of the local radio stations. In his previous role as minister of Tertiary Education, Research and Technology, Dr. Madigele spoke fondly about the importance of research and innovation in helping to unlock potential in the economy to create jobs. Batswana feel he brings expertise and wide knowledge to the health sector. “He is a visionary who is very passionate about transformative leadership and proper governance,” said one small business owner Mpho Kelosiwang.

Bogolo Kenewendo Investment, Trade and Industry minister She is seen as a first step into women empowerment in the country. Young people are excited about her promotion with some saying her new role is a move in the right direction. “This is the Botswana I have always envisaged, where young people are represented and where women are visible in high offices,” said Neo Maleka on Facebook.

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