BFA headquarters hit again

28th March 2018
BFA HEADQUATERS: Kit dissapearance being investigated. Source:The Midweek Sun

Criminals have once again hit Lekidi Centre- the Botswana Football Association’s headquarters- this time getting away with national team uniforms in what appears to be an inside job. This publication has reliably learnt that over 42 tracksuits, assortment of casual wear used by senior national team players and officials while on camp was stolen in the first week of March and, or earlier in the storeroom The incident happens just within a month after Botswana Police arrested two officers for allegedly stealing funds amounting to P608. 532. 40 from the Association.

The case is still being investigated by the Serious Crime Squad. It is not clear when the uniforms were stolen. The disappearance was discovered by kit manager, Dintwa Ramontsho during the first week of March when he visited the BFA offices to make preparations for the national senior national team before they went into camp. There was no burglary. It is suspected the thieves either have the keys or it is an inside job. The incident left the BFA secretariat with no alternative save to approach, the national team technical sponsors, All Kasi to come up with a new gear composing of tracksuits and casual wear for both the senior national team and the Under 20 just a few days before playing their respective international friendly games during the FIFA Week.

The Zebras played and beat their Lesotho counterparts 1-0 on Saturday at the national stadium, while the Under 20 travelled to Swaziland where they played two games beating their counterparts 1-0 in the first game and playing to a goalless draw in the second. BFA Chief Executive Officer Mfolwe Mfolwe confirmed the disappearance of both the casual wear and track suits for the senior national team. Consequently he was compelled to approach technical sponsor on March 19th to request them to supply both teams with new tracksuits and casual wear. He was accompanied by the Public Relations Manager, Tumo Mpatane when they met All Kasi in their offices in Lobatse.

“This was the first time that we were supplying the U20 with casual wear as they too were travelling to Swaziland. “Our sponsors reacted positively with great speed as they delivered the casual wear for both teams on Thursday, while the tracksuits were delivered on Friday”. In a positive note Mfolwe said the design and delivery of the uniforms form part of the technical sponsorship and came at a time when All Kasi were coming up with new designs that both teams will use for their upcoming continental and world competition respectively. The Under 20 hosts their Namibian counterparts in the first leg of the CAF Under-20 Confederation of African Football (CAN) Niger 2019 on Saturday at the National Stadium. Mfolwe said they have no clue who could have stolen the uniform and when exactly but the case was reported to Central Police Station and the matter is being investigated. As a precautionary measure BFA has taken a decision to change the locks of all the doors within the Lekidi Centre. In early February all locks to the finance department were changed after embezzlement of funds and disappearance of files.

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