Modenga’s death saves Muzila

02nd March 2018
SIGH OF RELIEF: Sylvia Muzila Source:The Midweek Sun


By Peter Madiya - Reporter

The death of former Deputy Mayor Lechedzani “Stich” Modenga over the weekend, a few hours before the start of the Francistown City’s full council meeting on Monday has allegedly saved the city Mayor Sylvia Muzila from being dethroned through a motion of no confidence. The meeting will now be held after 14 days. The Midweek Sun learns that eight councillors voted for a motion of no confidence against the embattled city mayor during a BDP caucus ahead of the full council meeting whilst five others allegedly came to her defence.

Although two BDP councillors abstained, the effect of the vote was that Muzila would be dethrone, but she turned to a calculated move and invoked council standing orders to cancel the full council meeting due to the untimely death of Modenga. Outwitted and furious, councillors could be heard mumbling and swearing from inside the hall after Muzila pulled this quick one on them.

“The whole country is very much aware of the former deputy city mayor’s untimely death and it surprised us when such was used to postpone the full council meeting by the mayor. Despite the current development, we are going to push ahead with the motion of no confidence when the house resumes after 14 days,” vowed a Councillor who declined to be named. Deputy Mayor and Councillor for Satellite South Godisang Radisego is favoured to succeed Muzila while Kanana Councillor Cornelius Gopolang is tipped to become deputy mayor.

Ironically, Modenga himself, if he were in good health would have attended, would allegedly have been a part of the group rooting for the removal of the Mayor. His death was reported on Sunday morning, reportedly happening in Gaborone where he had been residing for some time while unwell. He dies on the backdrop of several court cases against him although some charges were recently dropped.

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