Mascom explains the MySocial debacle

02nd March 2018
FACE OF MASCOM: Tebogo LebotseSebego Source:The Midweek Sun

 Mascom Wireless Chief Communications and Public Relations Officer Tebogo LebotseSebego says Mascom decided to embark on the My Social Fair usage policy to ensure that all its customers have equitable access to its services. LebotseSebego was speaking to The Midweek Sun in an interview last week. This comes after the mobile phone service provider announced that effective from the 13th February 2018, Mascom would be regulating My Social service to 200MB per day. She explained that through the policy, they will ensure that majority of customers have a fair opportunity to enjoy the network. Lebotse said some customers tend to share the internet/data connection and that the behaviour impacts negatively on those who are not heavy data connection users even though they have equally paid for the service. Mascom has decided that each customer be restricted to 200MB per day. Access to My Social sites such as Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp in excess of the stipulated daily usage limit will be out of bundle and charged from the main balance. Meanwhile, Batswana have expressed dissatisfaction with Mascom over the issue and are even threatening to abandon the network. Some argue that the notice was short and has inconvenienced them as customers. “This change of the limit will relate to new subscriptions. Customers who had already purchased before the new limit are not to be affected until the expiry date of their package,” Lebotse-Sebego explained.

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