Mlesho is a bad daddy – Dolly Matlapeng

02nd March 2018
BABY MAMA: Mlesho with the mother of his kids Source:The Midweek Sun


By Yvonne Mooka -

Fans of Lesego Lefatshe of Hlomela fame, commonly known as Mlesho, are not pleased with him for leaving his baby mama for a slay queen. Three years ago, he came to The Midweek Sun with the mother of his two children, Dolly Matlapeng, gushing about his love for her and how he wanted to marry her. They were lovey-dovey in front of the cameras and Mlesho said she was her blessing. Now, to the amazement of his fans, Mlesho has a new girl in the picture and she is all over his Facebook timeline. He tells The Midweek Sun that he left Matlapeng three years ago because their relationship was not working. He did not want to say much about their break up save that he takes care of their children, aged five and three. “It just wasn’t working and we decided to go our separate ways but my children come first,” he says. However, he was excited to talk about his new girlfriend Resego Moiya, whom he reveals he met last year around August, contrary to what his friends in the music industry say that he actually cheated on Matlapeng with the new beauty. Some of his followers call her a slay queen and ask where Dolly is and why he deleted her photos from his profile. He says that he met Moiya at a local church which he visited and fell for her instantly. “She is very kind and loves God. She doesn’t talk too much and she is not a party girl,” he says, adding that he decided to start slowly with her for the sake of privacy. He says that he wants to marry Moiya, Bcom Banking and Finance graduate from Ba Isago University and spend the rest of his life with her. “I love her with all my heart and I just want to make her happy,” he says, quickly defending that he is not a heartbreaker.

‘Hlomela hit changed him’ Matlapeng was in class and could not be interviewed but her twin sister Chichi says that Mlesho started changing when he came up with a big hit Hlomela, which enjoyed both local and international airplay last year. “He started becoming too busy for her, always on the road, with girls flocking him. On the other hand, he controlled her by always demanding that she stays home with the children,” she says. Chichi explains that Mlesho and Dolly had been on and off before their final break-up. She states that the two broke up after the birth of their son and later got back together with Mlesho begging Dolly to take him back, and that she fell pregnant with their second child shortly. Nevertheless, she says that Mlesho takes good care of their toddlers. “He can even give out money for them,” she says. Chichi also says Mlesho had dated someone else before Moiya, implying that the latter is not the cause of Mlesho and Dolly’s break up. Dolly is Diva Vebrok’s dancer and also a student at Kgatleng Brigade. She has previously attended Gaborone Universal College of Law. Mlesho dated Slizer before Dolly.

Babymama speaks Dolly Matlapeng, the mother of Mlesho’s two children would later call and say that the Hlomela hitmaker is a bad father who has neglected his children. She says that Mlesho has made her a laughing stock with her neighbours as she constantly asks them to stay with the children. She is schooling in Mochudi and her twin sister Chichi is the one who looks after the children but when she is busy, she has no choice but to ask neighbours to look after them, especially the three year-old daughter. She says that sometimes she even misses school when there is no one to help her with them. “Our daughter has even lost weight and when I ask Mlesho to take her to school, he tells me that he does not have money,” she says. She says that she decided to take their five year-old to school and that despite it being a government day care, the Hlomela artiste pays his school fees after she has begged him.  She states that Mlesho left him when their daughter was still a month old. “It was when Hlomela was well received and played all over the country and he started ignoring my calls and avoiding me,” she says, adding that he would shout at her when she asked him about their relationship and children. She however says that she saw him last Saturday when she was performing with Franco and they greeted each other. She thanked her twin Chichi and artiste Vebrok for always helping her and supporting with the children. In response, Mlesho denied being an irresponsible father. “I’ve been taking care of my kids since they were born,” he said.

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