Nkaigwa to face Pilane and Balopi in Gaborone North

12th February 2018
I AM AP: Haskins Nkaigwa Source:The Midweek Sun


By Nicholas Mokwena - Reporter

Speaker of National Assembly Gladys Kokorwe has official announced Member of Parliament for Gaborone North Haskins Nkaigwa’s defection from Umbrella for Democratic Change. Nkaigwa is now a member of Alliance for Progressives (AP), a breakaway party from Botswana Movement for Democracy. AP now have six (6) MPs against UDC’s eight (8) MPs. Nkaigwa who has since the formation of AP identified himself with the party, did not join colleagues until recently when he had sought and found spiritual guidance.

Nkaigwa will now be expected to face UDC’s vice President Advocate Sidney Pilane and Botswana Democratic Party’s Secretary General Mpho Balopi during the 2019 general election. Nkaigwa was still going to be subjected to primary elections even if he remained at BMD. Advocate Pilane’s campaign team has already made inroads in the constituency. Information gathered is that Nkaigwa’s loyalty to the party was questionable as he had always sympathised with former BMD President Ndaba Gaolathe. It is said the party feared that if he could represent the BMD under the UDC ticket he was likely to defect to AP post 2019 general election. The other contention was that he was among BMD members in Gaborone North who questioned Advocate Pilane’s membership in 2015.

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