WUC is a rip-off, says customers

12th February 2018
Daniel Disepo Source:The Midweek Sun

This past week saw Batswana crowding at Water Utilities Corporation (WUC) offices to pay their water bills. This followed WUC’s stern warning that the corporation would be embarking on an intensive debt collection drive. All WUC customers who are in arrears are to be disconnected, regardless of the amount owed or period. Fresh information coming from WUC this week reveals that the corporation began disconnecting taps countrywide on the 1st of February 2018. The Midweek Sun reporter NEO MASANAKO spoke to Batswana in various locations to get their opinions on the drastic decision taken by WUC

Tshepang Ketshametse (KANG) We are unable to pay because of the forever-increasing high bill rate. For some reason water has suddenly become too expensive. If they disconnect they will be disadvantaging us because we cannot afford to pay the outstanding bills and pay reconnection fees again.

Thatayaone Molefi (ZOWA) It’s a hard one. WUC has expenses that need to be paid and if they are not paid the Corporation will run at a loss and consequently will not be able to give us water. I understand where they are coming from. However, they need to understand that of recent the water bill is way too high and at the same time we are not happy with some of their services. Our water is very salty here and bad for our health. We are not encouraging people to not pay the water bill; all we request is that they should also improve their services.

Bolokang Majelwane (GABORONE) I am failing to understand why people should be punished in that way. Water is a basic need just like shelter. They should strategise and find other means of collecting the debts, not deny people water. What shall happen to those who will not be able to pay? Soon we will be drinking from rivers and falling sick. This will create a burden for government because people will throng government clinics and hospitals in need of medication.

Sekwaya Pikinini (Shakawe) Access to water is a basic right. Disconnecting a basic need (water) is wrong. Service providers should look for other alternatives to make those owing to settle their bills without any disconnection. Socio-economic development process is closely related to the water resource because of the diverse range of interactions between water and human activities. Water is served as a positive input for many development activities. The nation should stand up against this. Lorato Mmesi (MMASHORO) Water is a basic need. WUC is being cruel to the people. We never crucify them when there is no water in our homes. They should not be punishing others like that.

Tumelo Lentswe (PAJE) I support Water Utilities’ decision, people are not paying bills and this weighs heavily on the Corporation and they are running on losses. So people need to know that bills have to be paid to avoid being disconnected. Atlholang Montsho (HUKUNTSI) How come they want to disconnect but every time when we ask for our bills they claim not to find our accounts in their system. By the time they finally avail the bills you will be shocked to learn that you owe thousands and thousands of pula. This is not fair on us because WUC expects us to clear the debt right away. They should give us a break under such circumstances.

Daniel Disepo (GANTSI) It is within their nature, this is nothing new and we are not surprised. We have not heard from them this side but I believe we will because they always disconnect taps. On the other hand I blame us as customers, we know very well that WUC is ripping us off, pipes are broken within the village and we are just relaxed. The water lost from those pipes is going straight to our bills. It has been more than five (5) years and there is no remedy.

Oratile Keeng (LETLHAKANE) WUC bills are always high, recently I was given an over P500 bill but we have been without water for so long. They cannot turn their backs to say they are disconnecting taps. Their high bills make us develop cold feet because we have no idea what we are paying for.

Innocent Galebonwe (KUKE) They have not begun disconnecting in greater Gantsi areas; however our biggest cry is the alarming water bill. Re kolota bo P5000, salary e heletse unbelievable. Water leaks around the village is also of great concern, if you visit this side of the country one would think there is a flowing river nearby. In Kuke there is no water, WUC ya re sotla re duela eng re nole kae?

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