Warm reception for Prof Norris at UB

12th February 2018
STUDENTS IMPRESSED: Prof. David Norris Source:The Midweek Sun

cellor Professor David Norris has struck a chord with students at the country’s highest institution of learning ever since he was appointed late last year by higher education minister, Dr Alfred Madigele. Prof. Norris, who becomes the sixth Vice Chancellor of the University of Botswana, succeeds Prof.Thabo Fako. Now a cog in the wheel of the University, Professor Norris has had an encounter with several students since the University reopened for the second semester of the current academic year last week. Most students speak very highly of him and believe his experience in research and innovation will benefit both the University staff and students. Student Representative Council (SRC) Minister of Academics Otlhabane Moruti couldn’t say much about Morris except that he knows he is from BIUST and he is a professor.

Moruti said that the SRC had a meet and greet session with the VC and tabled some few ideas before him. "I think he offers a sound and open mind to the University, something which is very much needed. He listens and takes ideas into consideration." However, Moruti was non-committal when asked about Norris's capabilities to reform the University curriculum. "I don't know yet. He may want to reform our curriculum for the better or he may be a typical Motswana who will rest and enjoy the comfortable position of VC.

We shall see," he stressed. Tlotlo Godfrey Tau a Bachelor of Science Urban & Regional Planning student the Faculty of Engineering and Technology at UB had nothing but praise for the Professor "When we speak of innovations and research he has the trick of the trade, I believe he is now burning with ideas and very soon he will splash them out. "Good fences make good neighbours, it's a wise decision by the minister to appoint someone who is from BIUST and has vast of experience on innovation and research, UB and BIUST are not far from each other when it comes to research, technology and innovation," he added.

A Media Studies student Kabo Ramasia described the appointment as a “good catch” given Professor Norris's wealth of experience. "We hope he will resurrect the sinking UB ship which has taken a nosedive for the worst in recent years,” he said. Professor Norris holds a PHD in Animal Science from Michigan State University (USA). He also holds an MSc in Animal and Forage Science from the University of Reading (UK).

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