Gangeliser hair food floods market

22nd November 2017
DAGGA BOOST: Gangeliser hairfood has marijuana as one of the ingredients Source:The Midweek Sun

A hair food product called gangerliser is the entire rave on the hair market nowadays. The hair food is said to promote hair growth, strengthen the hair, repair the hairline, and remove scalp scalds (dikwaba). The packaging states that it is manufactured in Zimbabwe but has no code, certification details or list of ingredients. The food potion is black and is mixed with petroleum jelly and compounds that include thick hemp seeds from the hemp plant Cannabis sativa, known to contain delta 9 tetrahydrocannibol (THC).

One trader, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said it sells like hotcakes. “Demand is high. The verdicts are different but most women say it works,” she said. They said while reactions to the product were mixed, many swore by the product. Ganja is often glorified as this wonderful herb, despite endless evidence of the effects it has on some people’s mental state including causing aggression, depression, amnesia, manic depression to palpitations and delusionary personalities, as well as other conditions such as lowered libido.

From Bob Marley to Kgosi Kgafela, this herb is seen as the answer to many problems. But how would legislation separate the recreational and medicinal use? While marijuana and its use is often perceived as only a quick fix to “get stoned” and is associated with a range of social ills, many have argued that the medicinal benefits are far reaching, and can benefit countries from an economic and health perspective. The Gangerliser hair food is cited as an example of products with this herb but meant for a good cause. President of Botswana National Front and Member of Parliament for Gaborone Bonnington, Duma Boko, recently set tongues wagging when he stated that once his party takes power in 2019, he will create more than 100, 000 jobs in industries, and diversify the economy to include untapped markets such as medicinal marijuana.

Throughout the years, there have also been raging debates by those for and against the use of marijuana for medicinal and cosmetic purposes. But from glaucoma to cancer, marijuana is believed to alleviate several maladies and conditions, and is believed to be effective in medicinal and cosmetic purposes. Research established that there are several other parts of cannabis used for hair products globally, including cannabis oil, which is derived from leaves and flowers of cannabis plants, as well as hemp seed oil, that is believed to be infused with omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids. Earlier this year in neighbouring South Africa, the Western Cape High Court ruled that the prohibition of cannabis in South Africa was “unconstitutional” stipulating that adults have the right to use, grow or possess cannabis in the privacy of their homes.

This of course doesn’t mean that weed there is legal but it can be a defence for arrest. The matter is being deliberated with government appealing the ruling. Most recently, a white woman in the same province, who argued that she had used hemp as part of her cancer treatment, and wanted to be, “accorded the right to continue using cannabis for medicinal purposes,” spearheaded a hallmark legal case. She produced medical evidence to support this claim. The use of marijuana has been legalised in some states in the USA but cannabis is outlawed in many countries. According to Botswana Police, anyone found in possession of marijuana or any other illegal substance will be arrested regardless of the purported purpose of use. Botswana is still lagging behind in research that extends to alternative medicine, has not done any research or findings on any links between marijuana or any other traditional or natural substances and cosmetics or health.

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