Don’t fear ‘mafikizolos’ join UDC, Molapisi tells AP

03rd November 2017
BPP PRESIDENT AND UDC CHAIRMAN: Motlatsi Molapisi Source:The Midweek Sun


By Kemoreilwe Jimson - Reporter

The Chairman of Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC), Motlatsi Molapisi has appealed to Alliance for Progressives (AP), to join the coalition. Molapisi said there is no one who owns UDC at the moment and AP should not be pushed out of UDC by people who have just arrived and found it strong. “There are some people who go around saying UDC is a big brand forgetting that this party was made by you. Magatapa a siile.

Now they are trying to push everybody out. Do not let yourself be pushed out because they want to benefit from the fruits of your labour,” said Molapisi. Speaking at the launch of the party in Gaborone over the weekend at Baisago University, Molapisi who is also President of Botswana People’s Party (BPP) said members of AP should not fear anyone because they are the ones who built UDC in 2011. “What we want from you is that even though you were hurt, is to sit down and take decisions that are good for this country.

You should not dump the idea of working with other opposition parties,” he said. However, the veteran politician clarified that he was not representing UDC at the launch. “We all know what happened to you at Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD). But go back to UDC to correct that mistake for the benefit of this nation. Time is not on your side. Move fast.

There is no fight at UDC, but we know you are Members of Parliament for UDC not BMD or AP,” he said. Since the formation of AP last month opinion has been divided on whether the party should join UDC or not. Some members of the party have vowed to only join UDC when it has expelled their political enemies within BMD. Speaking at the launch, party President Ndaba Gaolathe said it is important for parties to work together. “We are willing to work with other parties because we want a new government. But that will only happen if we trust and are honest with each other and respect the wish of uniting Batswana,” said Gaolathe.

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