Celebrity pastor Sovi, kicked out of Botswana

03rd November 2017
Prophet Sovi Source:The Midweek Sun


By Keletso Thobega -

Controversial bling bling ‘pastor-preneur’ Isaiah Brian Sovi was kicked out of the country on Monday. Security agents clamped on and arrested the youthful pastor in Gaborone this past weekend. Sovi, who sits at the helm of the popular Imperial City Church, which was previously housed at Maharaj Conference Centre and recently moved to Block 3 location in Gaborone, is believed to be running an unregistered church, according to security agents. Assistant Police Commissioner Nnunu Lesetedi confirmed the incident but refused to comment further saying that investigations are ongoing and information would be shared soon. Sovi reportedly charged an average P1000 for consultation.

It would appear that most Batswana are hungry for the word of God or to have their problems solved to the extent that they gave in to the pastor’s requirements, even if it meant giving him oodles of cash which he apparently used to finance his lavish lifestyle, which included luxury vehicles, expensive clothes and travel. This reporter spotted the “cute” pastor who apparently makes women swoon with his good looks: thick juicy looking lips and all, and snazzy dress sense, at the BOMU awards at GICC, where he presented an award. Sovi has managed to squirm his way into the hobnobbing among the elite circles of Gabs. He recently attended the screening of a documentary on Zenzele Hirschfeld of Zen Promotions, where he was spotted in the company of the likes of BOMU President Pagson Ntsie and politicians Bogolo Kenwendo and Phillip Makgalemele, among others.

Sovi has also won over the affection of political aspirant Mabaila, who has praised him as a “true man of God” on his social media pages. The “Man of God” is known to be a protégé of the equally controversial and flambouyant Ubeart Engel. He is also said to have performed several miracles that include waking up the dead, as well as performing miracle weight loss and miracle money. Sovi has also ruffled a few feathers in his native Zambia when other pastors and clergy accused him of being a fake pastor. After shaking things up in Zambia, he trekked to South Africa and later made his way here to Gaborone. Not too long ago, Zambia Times reported that the pastor had “broken a record of ‘non-Motswana’ pastor to associate with celebrities, politicians and business people.” The same publication also listed him as one of the top ten most influential young people in Africa. Insiders claim that the pastor pays brown envelope journalists handsomely for popular media platforms to write about and promote him.

A source has indicated that some pastors were annoyed by the exodus of congregants to the young pastor’s growing church here. “These pastors are all about the number of congregants and money. When they see that the other one is doing well, they find something to nail him on,” the source said. But the Botswana government has shown no mercy for pastors. Security agents and Ministry have often warned Batswana against “wolves in sheep’s skin” that come to Botswana to swindle unsuspecting locals of their hard earned money.

Following the increase of pastors of charismatic churches, Botswana introduced a new policy that will give foreign pastors 30-day permits reserved for visitors and tourists instead of the usual five-year permits allocated to them. In cases where foreign pastors apply for licences to operate their churches, they must have more than 250 listed congregants. Some of these pastors have been accused of drug dealing, sponging money off locals, power struggles within their churches, failure to submit annual tax returns and other vices. Several pastors have been shown the door in the past years, including Nigerian Prophet Peter Bollaward of the Glory of Latter Ministries and flambouyant Pastor Frances Sakufiwa of Zambia, who ran the New Seasons Ministries (he was deported under a Presidential Order).

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