Most Bakes her way out of poverty

03rd November 2017

On the face of it, 58-year old Motlalepula Mosate of Mochudi is like your average sweet aunty from the neighborhood who makes a decent living from her culinary skills of baking. However, her journey has been paved with obstacles largely due to the circumstances of life. When her marriage failed in the eighties, Mosate was left to fend for herself and her children through ‘piece jobs’ she wasn’t even able to sustain because she had to take care of her children at the same time. The struggling unemployed single mother of three says life was so hard that sometimes her children would go to bed hungry. Desperation became the mother of Mosate’s now thriving bakery business.

“I was desperate with my life, with my children’s lives and I would pray to God everyday to show me the light,” she says with a quiet smile. In 2014, Mosate applied for the government’s poverty eradication programme and decided out of a list of programmes on offer, baking, even though she had no experience with it whatsoever, is what she could do to provide for her family. Her determined spirit is brought to life as she shares her journey. “I went through a month long confectionery and bakery training with mobile cake decorators,” she says.

It took a little while but in 2016, government brought her the necessary equipment and start up stock and she has never looked back. In less than a year, she has been able to make enough money to sustain her family and reinvest in the business by buying a big industrial oven to make life easy for herself. “Before, I used a makeshift oven over the bonfire outside to bake everything. It was not the easiest thing especially during the rainy season even just to regulate the heat so bread doesn’t burn.

But since I got my oven, I work more efficiently and am able to be consistent,” she explains at her home in Makgophana ward. Mosate specialises in bread loaves, buns, cakes and scones. Her faith, hard work and focus are now paying dividends as she is now supplying Bogatsu Primary School with buns, making P2000 every week from the tender. She also supplies general dealers, tuck shops, and individuals and is the go to baker for a lot of people during social events like funerals and weddings in Mochudi, Lobatse and Goodhope amongst others.

Through it all however, she remains grateful and humble about her successes. But that doesn’t even mean she has stopped dreaming and aiming for bigger things for herself. “I am very grateful for the life I have now. If it wasn’t for God and our government, I swear I would have died from stress. Through God I know I can achieve anything I put my mind to”. On Mosate’s radar now is building a bakery to increase her working space and make it easier for her clients to find her in a professional setting.

She intends with the help of her children, to open a Facebook page to market her products and popularise her business, which has a registered trading name. By next year, she also hopes to buy a business vehicle to make delivering her goodies easier. She urges those willing to venture into baking to be committed to their businesses because baking is a lot of hard work. “I hardly sleep nowadays but I wouldn’t change anything about it. I wake up at midnight everyday to bake so that by the time my customers get to work, my freshly baked bread is waiting for them”.

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