Scandalous Sebina Councillor Amon ties the knot

27th October 2017
HAPPILY MARRIED: Councillor Amon and wife, Ellen Source:The Midweek Sun

Councillor for Sebina, Kemonnye Amon, who stirred controversy when he was implicated in a defilement case in 2015, tied the knot this past weekend. Amon married a lady known as Ellen, who was previously married to his (Amon) elder brother.

The brother, who committed suicide several years ago, was suspected to have fallen into a deep depression some years ago when he allegedly discovered that Amon was having an affair with his wife. In 2015 when Amon reportedly prodded the 16-year-old girl’s golden jewels resulting in an unplanned pregnancy, the whole country went on overdrive, with gender activists and politicians criticising the councillor and even insisting that he be sacked.

The incident opened a can of worms and skeletons tumbled from the councillor’s closet; he was accused of molesting several women including relatives and brandished as a paedophile and shameless skirt-chaser. The Midweek Sun confirmed through a source that Amon’s baby with the teenager was doing well and that the councillor contributed to the child’s welfare.

Throughout this drama, Ellen stood by Amon and although she was said to be “distraught” over the incident, she was said to be “madly in love” with the philandering politician. Amon confirmed to this publication that they had a wedding this past weekend. “Yes, we had a white wedding over the weekend but I do not want to say much as it will soon tsosa di letseng (let loose the sleeping dogs),” he said. Those who attended the festivities said it was a beautiful wedding and expressed hope that Amon would treat his wife well. “Maybe the councillor has learnt his lesson and changed his ways,” said the source. When contacted for comment Ellen angrily said, “I do not have a comment,” before hanging up abruptly.

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