Mmolotsi: We can’t wait forever for UDC

19th September 2017
AK47: Wynter Mmolotsi of the BMD Source:The Midweek Sun

The obvious can no longer be avoided in the Ndaba Gaolathe faction of the battered Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD). It was the faction’s vice president Wynter Mmmolotsi who let the cat out on Saturday at Setlalekgosi Junior Secondary School in Francistown. “Our party leader, Ndaba Gaolathe is about to make a proclamation and this is going to be followed by several activities before the party Convention before the end of this year,” he said to cheers of approval. And there’s no guessing that the proclamation is the announcement of the formation of a new party.

It was clear that members of the faction have accepted the reality that sooner or later, they might have to forego their present identity and find another one. The majority of them, amongst them fanatical believers in the orange colour of the BMD, wore their usual clothes instead of the orange BMD t-shirts bearing the party symbol and slogan. Only a small fraction wore the orange BMD t-shirts.

The change of attitude towards their party was clearer during the question and answer session following Mmolotsi’s address. There was minimal sloganeering. The Shapa BMD Shapa slogan was subdued even by those who stood up to make comments or ask questions. Making it clear that they had psychologically moved on with respect to their former party, some of the cadres told their comrades that they would never wear the party colours nor chant the slogan.

Almost all who spoke suggested that a new political party be formed. Although Mmolotsi appealed for patience, he told his listeners that, almost everywhere the leadership had addressed members on the way forward after the split, the majority has advocated for the formation of a new party. “You will recall that when we invited the UDC to intervene in the affairs of the BMD, we had given them until the 29th August but because the other faction was not able to meet the UDC on the appointed date, we have had to wait longer.

“The UDC has not yet made any decisions due to delays occasioned by Pilane and his group,” said Mmolotsi who added that, his faction cannot however wait forever. To the relief of many in the hall, he explained that something is about to happen. Although opinion was divided on whether the envisaged party should affiliate to the UDC or not, the majority seemed uncomfortable with the UDC and prefer that their party goes it alone in the 2019 general election.

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