BPP is right about BCP – Wynter

19th September 2017
Ndaba Gaolathe Source:The Midweek Sun

*Mmolotsi raps UDC for failing to consult

*Says BCP’s has no place in the UDC yet

The vice president of the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC), Wynter Mmolotsi has criticised the opposition coalition for adopting a new voting symbol without any consultation. The voting symbol will be used in the Tshimoyapula by-election whose date is yet to be announced. Mmolotsi told BMD members at Setlalekgosi Secondary School in Francistown on Saturday that the agreement was made “without us.”

He argued that although the BMD is on derailment through internal fighting, “we have the right to be consulted,” said Mmolosti who also wondered why the Botswana Congress Party sits in the UDC National Executive Committee when it has not signed the Memorandum of Agreement. “People do not understand but these are some of the things the BPP is rebelling against when it refuses to attend NEC meetings also attended by the BCP. We are also not stooges. As NEC, we had agreed that the Convenors would remain part of the NEC but they have been removed again without consultation,” said Mmolotsi.

When he wondered who was making the unilateral decisions, the agitated crowd, without hesitation, shouted, “Boko and Pilane” referring to the leader of the UDC, Duma Boko and president of a BMD faction, Sidney Pilane. Responding to concerns from the floor that members of the BCP used both the social media and public rallies to attack the BMD, Mmolotsi called for calm. “Do not retaliate.

This will allow people to see the difference,” he said adding that, he has had to engage the BCP secretary for information and publicity Dithapelo Keorapetse, after reports that the BCP official attacks the BMD at rallies. “I spoke to him alone but I understand he is at it again,” he said, adding that BMD’s problem is not the BCP but the “...usurpers of our movement.” Mmolotsi expressed the hope that, although the BCP is sitting in the UDC NEC which is presiding over the BMD fights, “...there will be no bias similar to the one they are showing against us on social media and rallies,” said Mmolotsi who is confident that his group will emerge from the confusion better than ever.

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