Batswana run the show at GIMC comedy gig

06th September 2017
A hit: Lepantsula had the crowd in stitches Source:The Midweek Sun


By Keletso Thobega -

Throngs of revellers attended the Gaborone International Music and Culture (GIMC) week comedy show held at Ba Isago University on Friday evening. Perhaps the revellers had thought they would get the best of local talent and Mr Ibu of Nigeria, but the latter disappointed. The MC of the evening, South African Thapelo Thips of Shampoo Fame could have been the headline act; he is funny and he had the audience in stitches.

The acts included a blind comedian called Kgafela who was good until he started telling dirty jokes. Phenyo the Master was in his usual element and the MC heaped praises on him. “He recently performed in SA and he was really impressive,” he said. Mawee’s Setswana jokes had the audience rolling in laughter. In between he would chip in, “Comedy ga se mme mpha phaleche.” (Comedy is not a walk in the park) before giving the crowd yet another joke.

Lepantsula was another cool act and considering his performance, with a little bit of refinement, he has what it takes to compete with the best. Mr Ibu performed what could best be described as sketches. At some point he wore a boxing outfit, complete with gloves and cape, and punched the air and ducked at nothing. In another lacklustre act, he brought two obese Batswana women to the stage and the two were apparently supposed to be fighting over him but the acting was bad and far from comical in the way it was supposed to be. Scores of frustrated revellers filed out of the amphitheatre.

Mr Ibu, who was not audible and said nothing that made sense, appeared funny to only his compatriots, who rolled on the floor in laughter in between taking pictures and videos. He went around the room complimenting women or greeting his homeboys. His act was nonsensical and even when some revellers threw their hands in the air angrily or stormed out, he seemed unaffected.

He asked that six women come on stage for a chance to audition for a role in a movie that would be shot later in the year. The ladies performed a short act each. The whole thing was terrible. Mr Ibu is clearly not a stand-up comedian and probably only took the gig to get a quick buck. What a shame!

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