Vee, Big Fish too hot to handle

04th September 2017
HAPPILY CIRCUMCISED: Vee Mampeezy with Big Fish Source:The Midweek Sun


By Yvonne Mooka -

Two of Botswana’s renowned public figures - Odirile Vee Sento and Comfort Big Fish Ramatebele - are relentless in their defence of the genital surgery, as the debate on circumcision continues to rage on. Notwithstanding the fact that they are paid faces of the safe male circumcision campaign, for some time now the two celebrities have raved about the benefits they derive from being circumcised. Big Fish in particular has used his Gabz FM radio show ‘Gumba Fire’ as well as social media to entice men into circumcision, revealing that sex for him has never been the same since he cut the foreskin off. He posts that sex is more enjoyable than ever before and that he now feels more of a real man than he ever was.

The safe male circumcision champion says that getting circumcised is a sign of maturity and responsibility, adding that men who do that show love and commitment to their partners as it reduces risks of cervical cancer. “And hygiene-wise, circumcision makes it easier to clean one’s manhood and romantically, it is the best present ever you can give to yourself and your better half. The experience is ten times better that when you are not circumcised,” Big Fish said. Vee on the other hand has always talked with pride about being circumcised. “Kerotsekepesemajita,” he says.

“When medical experts say that SMC reduces chances of one getting infected by HIV by at least 60 percent and people still take it lightly, then it is a serious cause for concern,” Vee told a recent campaign in Moshupa, revealing that he underwent circumcision as a Form 5 student. “I’m the living brand in totality and I encourage every boy and man who hasn’t yet circumcised to get their priorities right and do so,” he said. The pint-sized musician is currently on the ground with the SMC team doing road shows and motivational talks around the Southern district. He adds, “Parents and teachers should help us raise responsible men by encouraging young boys to come circumcise in large numbers during school circumcision campaigns.” This past Monday the circumcision campaign was in Moshupa where 622 men in the sub-district have undergone the surgery since March this year, against a target of 1000 for the area. Men are generally said to be reluctant to come forth for the surgery, with many citing the resultant pain as shared by their peers who have done it. Others say it will tamper with their sex lives as there is usually a six-week sex holiday that the circumcised man has to endure. There is also the fear of an HIV test which is mandatory for those wishing to circumcise.

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