Kiosk owner accuses police of incompetence

04th September 2017
NEW TREND CRIME: Now they drill through the wall Source:The Midweek Sun


By Peter Madiya - Reporter

An elderly resident of Monarch in Francistown whose kiosk has been hit twice by petty thieves in a space of two weeks has blamed Botswana police services of incompetence. “My kiosk has been broken into for the second time now thanks to the police whose service stinks.

Just less than a week ago, I reported a break in at the same tuck shop by petty thieves only for the police to fail to even turn up and carry out investigations,” the man who declined to reveal his names said. The same kiosk was robbed again this past weekend. He blames the police for staying in offices instead of carrying our regular patrols in streets where the crime happens.

Francistown Central police station police commander Lebalang Maniki confirmed the incident but dismissed the accusation of incompetence against his charges. Maniki explained that police officers are always on patrol but due to their limited numbers, it will always be impossible for police officers to be spotted at every corner of the streets. He advised kiosk owners to group themselves and make contribution for security personnel to permanently guard their property once they have knocked off, saying police will always complement their security through random patrols.

The thugs are said to have resorted to a new means to break in. Instead of breaking doors and burglar bars, they drill holes in the wall and remove bricks to gain entry into the house or shop.. Maniki said this was not a new method save that it is hardly reported.

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