Khama blasts BPP as ‘trouble-makers’

04th September 2017
Khama Source:The Midweek Sun

President Ian Khama has accused Botswana People’s Party (BPP) of being a troublesome political organisation. Khama made these remarks in Serowe over the weekend where Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) was celebrating its 55 years of existence.

The BDP leader said it was in Serowe in 1962 whereupon a four-day Kgotla debate ensued, in which many called for the BPP to be banned within Gammangwato, as it was perceived to be a threat to the traditional order. Others, while expressing reservations about the BPP, spoke in favour of freedom of association, assembly and speech as part of a process of moving towards greater democracy, said Khama.

“It was then proposed that the people should unite and form an organisation with like-minded leaders, which would be a power in the land and which would be able not only to stop the damage being caused by the BPP, but which would be able to advise Government as to what should be done to further the interest of the territory.

Today the BPP is in partnership with others who cause damage and will continue to do so. Nothing it seems has changed over the years,” said the BDP leader. The BPP has been linked to one of the factions of Botswana Movement for Democracy led by Ndaba Gaolathe. The leadership of the BPP has also not honoured the recent meetings of Umbrella for Democratic Change National Executive Committee to resolve the BMD standoff.

The impasse at BMD left Bobonong village with scars following the violent congress where some people were injured and buildings damaged. Khama said the BDP set out to build a democracy - a system of government that gives power to the people. He said adding that these principles were carried in the BDP manifesto of 1965.

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