Secret plan to destabilise BCP campaigns in Francistown West exposed

04th September 2017
BCP Source:The Midweek Sun


By Peter Madiya - Reporter

They say politics is a dirty game; and a recent incidence uncovered by this publication is testimony to that. While The Midweek Sun is still piecing things together since the matter is still developing, the publication can confirm that a secret plan to destabilise the opposition in Francistown West constituency in 2019 is being hatched. Ironically, the plan is being masterminded from within the opposition itself.

The act of sabotage, hatched by a prominent figure (names withheld) of the Botswana Congress Party (BCP) emerged after a recording of a conversation between the BCP leader and a Botswana Democratic Party activist was leaked. The BDP activist in question is being recruited to start his destabilisation in the constituency at Botsalano ward where a BCP candidate, Barulaganyi Bakang Mooketsi, narrowly lost the ward with 510 votes against 652 of the ruling party’s Zibanani Benfield. Speaking to The Midweek Sun following the leak, Mooketsi revealed that he was very disappointed in the leader whom he has regarded as a parent as he introduced him to politics. In the leaked tape which is in possession of The Midweek Sun, the prominent BCP figure informs the BDP activist that ‘money buys votes in this country.’

He then goes off to attack his fellow BCP comrade Mooketsi, saying he is broke but commands a large following on the ground, a matter that has to be dealt with. This publication traced the BDP activist who acknowledged that indeed he was being recruited by the concerned BCP leader to destabilise the party in the constituency. Doubting his story, this reporter twisted his arm for him to call on loud speaker, the BCP official as one way of proof of the story making rounds. In their conversation, the BCP recruiter informs the BDP activist that they should meet so he can fill the BCP membership forms before a batch can be sent to Gaborone for processing. He directs the BDP activist to start campaigning once he has been handed the membership card.

“When you start your campaigns do not bother when the opponent cries foul that you are a BDP member. Just tell them that you have long resigned from the ruling party in 2014 and they will let you in peace. Motho yo o mosetlha ga ana madi. Even Vain Mamela does not support him and once I am done with your recruitment he will not have a problem since he is under my leash” the BCP member said. When confronted with the story, the panicky recruiter declined to comment but directed all the questions to his party’s public. relations officer. Efforts to speak to Mamela concerning the leaked tape hit a snag at press time as his mobile rang unanswered.

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