08th August 2017
Kgosi Malope II Source:The Midweek Sun


By Yvonne Mooka -

t has become scary to walk around the streets of Kanye when it gets dark, all because of a group of angry and rebellious youth commonly known as Matsetsenkane or Menang. They are a group of over 20 young boys and girls ranging between the ages of 16 and 19, some doing Form 1 and 2 in junior school while majority are those that failed Junior Cambridge. Matsetsenkane have also planted their groups almost in every ward in Kanye.

Last month, an old man from Ntsweng ward allegedly died of shock after sustaining injuries at the hands of Matsentsenkane. In the same month, a girl under 20 from Goo-Ruele ward got raped by six boys who are believed to be members of Matsentsenkane. She was said to be coming from a nightclub. Two weeks back, they are reported to have forced a middle aged man from a bar, to dance naked, which he did.

And they took his wallet and cellphone. A woman from Logaba ward recounted how Menang once got her neighbour to drink his own urine whilst coming from a nightclub. They took turns beating him when he refused. He had to run for his dear life.In an interview with The Midweek Sun, deputy Chairman of Southern District Council Thami Chabalala said that last month around 25 members of Matsetsenkane were caught at Mafhikana ward and whiplashed at the Kgotla. He said that the youngsters had become a threat to free movement in the village as they rob worse, beat them up.

“We believe a lot of them are still children, hence we didn’t hesitate from disciplining them. They just need to be put to order,” he said. Chabalala was however not pleased that some parents, when approached about the behaviour of their children, become defensive. “This makes it impossible to help children get back on track,” he said, adding that there are strategies in place to take the children through counseling and rehabilitation.

Bangwaketse paramount Kgosi Malope II said that he is aware of a group of young people causing havoc in the village, calling themselves Menang or Matsetsenkane. He said that the police have told him about them. “Since they are young and cannot be sent to prison, we have no other option but to crack the whip!” he said, adding that they should be whipped on their bareback and not on the buttocks so that they can feel the pain. He reminisced the era of his father the late Kgosi Seepapitso IV who did not hesitate to get another terror group that called itself Makgaolo Seven.

“My father never tolerated this nonsense and I won’t! These children must be whipped hard!” he said. The traditional leader spoke against parents defending their children’s rebellion, saying they were in denial. He warned that failure to admit on the part of parents would make the efforts of the authorities irrelevant and fuel indiscipline among children. “It’s just like these children’s rights. If we are not careful, we are going to have an irresponsible and immoral youth because of them. They will continue to kiss in front of us without shame,” he said.

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