Shashe West constituents decry lack of development

02nd August 2017
FIDELIS MOLAO Source:The Midweek Sun

Shashe West constituents have said shortage of water remains a major challenge in their area arguing that the short-term measures put in place are not satisfactory.

This was revealed early this week during a meeting with their area Member of Parliament who is also the Assistant Minister of Tertiary Education, Research and Technology Fidelis Molao at Civic Hall in Gaborone.

Molao told the constituents that the 2023 National Development Plan (NDP) consultation has made efforts to alleviate this situation. However the constituents lamented that the issue is has been going on for long and that they need permanent solution. He explained that he is aware of the situation and therefore they have dug four more boreholes in Goshwe, which will assist in the most affected areas which are Marapong and Sedute. He added that he is also aware that Mathangwane cluster gets water from Francistown which is also a challenge.

“The issue of water really breaks us apart because , yes even some other parts of the country do face this scourge but we have long cried about this and nothing has been done. I don’t think that this short-term measures put in place would even go a long way to help us. We need something permanent,” stated one of the attendants.

On the other hand, the constituents were displeased that most of the developments are made in Sebina, whereas some villages in the constituency have nothing. “We move that distribution of development initiatives should influence equality because right now a police station and a primary hospital are expected to be built in Sebina when there is absolutely nothing in Marapong, when Marapong is a big village,” said one of the constituents.

Nyalazi Mudongo from Chadibe also highlighted that they their clinic has collapsed and they use a staff house as a clinic yet their village has close to 10 000 people. On the other hand, Maphane Chimela urged the leaders to always give them thorough information instead of giving them empty hopes more often. “The problem is that la re phuthela. Your information is never accurate and fails to reach your time frame therefore you should be firm, thorough and open up to us as members of your constituencies,” said Chimela.

The constituents also urged Molao to transform the constituency, saying that it is the least developed and they also wish to create job opportunities from their own constituency.

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