Congress has no powers to expel me – Modubule

11th July 2017
Modubule Source:The Midweek Sun


By Peter Madiya - Reporter

Botswana Movement for Democracy chairman Nehemiah Modubule says that the congress does not have any powers whatsoever to expel him from the party. “As the chairman, I am the presiding officer of the congress and as such no one will expel me,” he said in an interview.

The BMD seems headed for a hostile congress in Bobonong following last week’s expulsion of six of its suspended leaders among them President Ndaba Gaolathe and his Vice, Wynter Mmolotsi as well as Joyce Mothudi, Women’s League President. However, Modubule is adamant that the congress will proceed without any distractions or acts of violence from leaders of the expelled faction.

He said the renegades can only do that if they have intentions to annoy them, warning that it would be playing into the hands of the law. But evidence on the ground shows that Gaolathe enjoys overwhelming support from ordinary members of the movement, as a majority of the party’s regions have vowed to stand by his faction until they bring sanity to the troubled movement in the elective congress.

An investigation carried out by The Midweek Sun shows that most of the regions want Modubule and his faction kicked out of the movement as they strongly believe that the expulsion of their leader (Gaolathe) is just a pretext to hand over the party leadership to Sidney Pilane and vowed that this will only happen over their dead bodies. Pilane has since denied harbouring such ambitions.

When preparations were underway to travel to Bobonong to support those suspended, they received yet another bombshell which will definitely compel them to re-strategise in order to have their way. On the other hand, a stumbling block has emerged in their front as Modubule maintains that the expelled leader and his companions are no longer members of the party and as such they will not be allowed entry into the elective congress venue. However, Gaolathe has previously said that he will address the movement from outside the fence if expelled from the party, but Modubule warns that he can only do that if he wants to “annoy” them.

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