Bmd congress in limbo

11th July 2017
BMD Source:The Midweek Sun


By Peter Madiya - Reporter

Botswana Movement for Democracy’s (BMD) looming congress in Bobonong is on the verge of being cancelled by the party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) if reports reaching The Midweek Sun are anything to go by.

An inside source close to the NEC has revealed to this publication that the Chairperson of BMD Nehemiah Modubule and his faction are spending sleepless nights in fear of a very bloody congress because of some recent events which divided the troubled movement in what many observers perceive as a power struggle that could split the party into two opposing factions.

Events leading to the party’ current state of turmoil emanate from the cancelation of the past Youth League Congress by the NEC which the president of the party Ndaba Gaolathe and his Vice, Wynter Mmolotsi went on to grace despite being outlawed, in the process earning themselves immediate suspensions for disregarding the party’s NEC.

This issue divided the party as a majority of those in the movement pointed an accusing finger at the party’s chairperson Modubule and his Secretary General Gilbert Mangole for harbouring intentions to hand over the party presidency to Sydney Pilane who has since distanced himself from the allegation. Following the announcement of the suspensions, it emerged that the Ndaba faction enjoys support from ordinary members of the movement whilst Modubule’s corner has very limited support from the masses.

An inside observer at BMD disclosed that the grand plan for Modubule and his corner was to eventually expel its embattled President making it impossible for him and his faction to take the party leadership from them.

“Their plans seem to be causing them sleepless nights as it has come to their realisation that they will face a very hostile congress in Bobonong hence their secretive intention to cancel the congress at the very last minute citing fear of violence,” the source said. When reached for comment an unazed Modubule confirmed that there is no how they are going to cancel or postpone the congress as it does not appear on their current agenda. He said what he knows is that BMD members are very disciplined, that they won’t engage in any violence at the congress.

He continued that however intimidating it might look, the movement comes first and they will do everything to make sure that the party becomes triumphant at the end of the day.

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