‘Hands off my father,’ warns Bissau

27th June 2017
Bissau and his toys Source:The Midweek Sun


By Yvonne Mooka -

Gaborone socialite Bissau Gaobakwe’s remarks to The Midweek Sun that his late father was a hard-worker and that ‘he was not the reason some fathers were lazy,’ set Social Media on overdrive last week. Many took to Facebook to vent their outrage at Bissau’s slapdash manner of speak, some saying he has all the wealth he flaunts because his father, Ophaketse ‘Uncle Parks’ Gaobakwe, “was a thief” and “he made dirty money” by cheating his friend the late Peter Mmusi.

Mmusi was Vice President under Sir Ketumile Masire. In fact, they say Bissau should keep quiet and stop making noise about ‘dirty money’ that he inherited. One user wrote, “Peter Mmusi’s grave is turning and this guy will soon be a pauper. At least we are not angry at our lazy fathers because they were not thieves,” adding that Bissau grew up untouchable because of the power of money. Bissau did not take kindly to the attacks and threatened to sue those who accused his father of stealing. “How do you say things that have never been done or proved? You refuse to be inspired.

My father is Botswana’s first Harvard graduate. He did it the clean way and so can anybody,” he said. But someone who did not refuse to be inspired was local clergyman Prophet Stephen Magura of Divine Touch Ministries. Coming to the defense of Bissau, he told this publication that it is Biblical for parents to work hard for their children and grandchildren. He said that God expects all parents to work hard for their children and buttressed the point with a quote from Proverbs 13:22 which says that a good father leaves an inheritance for his children’s children.

He said Bissau was encouraging the spirit of diligence and also rebuking laziness, quoting also II Thessalonians 3:10 which says that a lazy person should not eat. In fact, Pastor Magura reckons that Africans need a change of mindset when it comes to their children and inheritance. “Unlike with our Western counterparts we Africans bring children into this earth and expect them to take care of us.

That’s why our children end up in debts, depression and commit passion killings. We expect them to work for us while God wants it the other way round,” he said. He said Bissau should be commended for standing for the truth. “I mean, he acknowledges God and he helps the poor. That’s what God wants from us. Bissau is a rare African man,” he added. Bissau is quite a controversial figure who is hard to ignore. He is associated with money, class, fashion and all the finer things in life. He is also a giver at heart, and a man of service as evidenced by his social media pages.

Those that grew up with him say he is in touch with his soul and is never shaken. But again there are some like Hip Hop artist Stagga, his friend, who say Bissau grew up with power and influence, which led to jealousy and hatred among his peers. Referring to him as Shau, Stagga says that 16 years ago when he was living in Atlanta, USA, as an unemployed graduate, Bissau called him to do music. The Drugs Must Fall founder had just started Garona Communications. “I bought a ticket the next day and landed in Gaborone in December 2001.

I then bought my first 325i in May 2002, so naturally there was hate and questions of how we were making so much money out of phones and airtime. There were even rumours that we were selling cocaine,” he says on his Facebook page. That is Bissau. He is also acknowledged by some young people as an inspiration for them to do business and to believe in their dreams.

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