Major Prophet Rams speaks

09th May 2017
Prophet Rams with some of his disciples Source:The Midweek Sun


By Yvonne Mooka -

Why he walks around with bodyguards
Explains why he blew cash at Steez’s memorial service

Major Prophet Carvin Ramotsepane recently shocked the nation at the late Vincent ‘Steez’ Tiro’s memorial service when he appeared with his bodyguards, flaunting money on stage and bragging about how rich he is.

He had been invited to give a word of encouragement, which, however, many people say he did not do. The 32-year-old leader of The Flying Eagles Church in Molapowabojang is reported to have told the audience, mostly artists, that they should stop crying for Steez and get serious about making money; something that annoyed people to the extent they called him pompous. He would immediately leave the Civic Centre, startling people further.

That night, Facebook was awash with furious posts by users who were at the memorial service who called him a false prophet who is after people’s money.
The Midweek Sun team visited him at his church on Friday morning for an interview.

‘No entry’
The prophet had happily agreed to this publication’s interview. As The Midweek Sun team drew nearer to the gate, four young men in their late 20s and early 30s blocked the media house vehicle from entering the yard, questioning why the news team had come there. They did not want to listen even when they were told the major prophet was aware of the visit. A tussle of over ten minutes ensued before any resolve on the impasse.

“You cannot come here without first having spoken to the protocol team or the church chairman,” said one of them, telling the news team to go back to Gaborone. Another one asked why the journalists wanted to see the prophet, warning them that they were just wasting their time. “Maybe you are from the DIS. We always send people back. You don’t just come to see the prophet. We work with orders here,” one said.

It was only after the journalists had phoned the prophet that they calmed down and let the team in. The security escorted the Sun crew into his office, where the chairman did the welcome rituals before proceeding to the prophet. Upon arrival, the chairman knelt before the prophet and told him the news team had arrived.

Major Prophet Rams was bubbly, energetic and enthusiastic in his welcome. Clearly, he did not want to leave any stone unturned. First, he explained the controversy at the memorial service. He admitted to saying that he is not afraid to be rich and that he splashed cash in front of the audience. He said that he just wanted to encourage local artists to work hard if they want to be rich.

“Yes, I’m not afraid to be rich. I told them Steez served his purpose on earth and died coming from a show because he wanted to be rich. That he didn’t die on top of a woman but died working to make money. To be rich is good,” he said, revealing that he has a security company.  

He said that as a prophet, nothing moves him. He states that he has been called all sorts of demeaning names by people who think he is a false prophet and a magician. “One man must be persecuted on behalf of all, even Jesus was,” he said.

Explaining why he walks around with a group of ‘bodyguards,’ Major Prophet Rams, as he is passionately called in Molapowabojang, said the 10 men are not bodyguards but disciples who are there to keep order.

He however said that they do not protect him. “Of-course there is a sense of protection because I’m their father. Jesus had twelve who travelled with him, I have 10 that I send to make my work easier,” he said.

A major prophet?
But what is a major prophet and why does he call himself one? According to Ramotsepane, he talks to God directly. He tells him what he wants and he gives it to him. He says he was born a prophet and that no one imparted the gift to him. He says God knew him before he was born and ordained him a prophet inside his mother’s womb.
“For this reason, I am major. Major is something big. My mother was a prophetess when she birthed me and she went through a lot with me before my arrival,” he says. The second born in a family of six says he was raised by a single mother from Shoshong.
He explains that in its two years of existence, more than 32 000 people have come to his church locally and from places like Malawi, Nigeria and South Africa.
“God has called me to make the blind see, set wheelchair-bound people free, restore marriages, help people win tenders and grow their businesses and help the poor, all by his power,” he says. He explains what works for him: Favour with chiefs. He says that wherever he goes, before preaching or starting a crusade, he visits the village chief and greets him and introduces himself to him. In fact, it was Kgosi Mosielele who officially opened his church in 2015. He advises young prophets to do likewise saying it is a sign of honour.
What is also baffling is that a lot of his youthful church members use his surname (Rams) on social media and they are always ready to attack whoever attacks him. The prophet says it is a sign of love and loyalty.

The prophet recently bought himself a Lamborghini, fuelling speculation that he misuses church funds. “Ke ja madi but eseng a kereke. I’ve got businesses. Actually, our church has a finance department which has five signatories. How can it be possible that I squander church money?” he asks.
Major Prophet Rams remains an influential man in the Southern District. A lot of churches are losing members to his. One pastor says that he attracts them with prophecy. “Our young people have joined him. And it’s a lot of churches from here that are losing members because Kanye is near Molapowabojang,” he says.

The prophet concludes by appealing to people to stop insulting and attacking prophets saying it is dangerous. “God deals with people who attack his prophets.
Touching them means you are risking your life. You are cursing yourself,” he says.

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