Villagers outraged

Matshelagabedi village was hit by a great shock this past weekend when two brothers, Meshack James (32), Kabelo James (29) and their special constable sister, Happy James (27) allegedly killed their father, Thomas James, 70.

2nd May 2017

Husband kills twin sister thinking it is his wife

2nd May 2017


Tshwaane woman whom The Midweek Sun reported had escaped murder by a whisker two years ago, is no more, this publication has learned.
Mpipi Motshwakgo had been in an abusive relationship with the father of her son for three years. Last year the boyfriend allegedly threatened to kill her by uttering the words ‘Ngwaga e ga e go helele’ meaning she would be dead before the end of the year. Though the police arrestd him, Motshwakgo’s grandmother Mmaosi Motshwakgo says she had a habit of dropping the cases of threat to kill against him. In the latest case, it is said that he killed her with an axe and went on to kill himself. “He told her several times that he would kill her one day, even in front of me,” said the granny.

Women’s Shelter
According to Kgomotso Kelaotswe, Counsellor Supervisor at Kagisano Women’s Shelter, cases of threat to kill among women are rife. She says the Shelter recently dealt with a case where a man mistakenly killed his wife’s sister. They had been having disagreements and she ran to the Shelter. She would later move to her mother’s place, where the husband hired people to kill her. “She and the sister were identical and the people killed the sister instead,” she says.  In another case, a girlfriend was shot in the stomach by her boyfriend, after threatening to kill her several times. She survived. Another victim wanted reconciliation and went on and dropped a threat to kill charge with the police. She survived stabbings.
“The police tried to talk sense into her but she refused and went back to him, however scary it was,” she says. Kelaotswe says they have a lot of relapse cases. She says even though they give women life skills to sustain themselves after they leave the Shelter, they always come back with same issues of abuse.  She advises them to report cases of threat to kill and to stop protecting perpetrators.

The Law
Section 220 (1) of the Penal Code states, “Any person who without lawful excuse utters or directly or indirectly causes any person to receive a threat whether in writing or not, to kill any person is guilty of an offence and is liable to an imprisonment for a term not exceeding 10 years.”Botswana Police Service Assistant Commissioner Witness Bosija says that threat to kill affects both males and females. Most of the causes are family, labour and intimate disputes/grievances. “BPS treats threat to kill as a serious offence, hence our policy of ‘arrest, charge and bring offender/s to justice.’ Therefore, cases of threat to kill cannot be withdrawn at the police station but consideration can only be made by the courts,” he says.Last year, 568 cases were recorded while 559 were registered in 2015; and 619 in 2014 and 735 in 2013. Traits of a Potential Spouse Killer Intense controlling behaviour; Explosive feelings of rage; Difficulty forming intimate relationships; Poor impulse control; Inability to understand your feelings; Absence of emotions like remorse and sympathy; Searches out easy pleasure (i.e. a thrill seeker);  
Intense feelings of victimisation and rejection; Devalues human life and pathologically idealizes partner. (Dr. Robi Ludwig, psychotherapist and author of "Till Death Do Us Part: Love, Marriage and the Mind of the Killer Spouse.")

Tlokweng residents already decided

2nd May 2017

The gloves are off in Tlokweng, and the parliamentary by-election race to replace fallen giant Same Bathobakae has just got nastier.
There was shock last week when former Specially Elected MP Shirley Segokgo announced her candidacy as an Independent Candidate to battle the already known adversaries Elijah Katse of the ruling party and Masego Segokgo of the main opposition in Parliament.

Kuke village joins the worldwide web

2nd May 2017

Kuke-based Mascom Kitsong Centre Award winner, Badiredi Mokwena is working around the clock to change the area’s Information and Communication Technology (ICT) landscape by targeting the youth.

Opposition bashes BDP in Tlokweng

2nd May 2017

The latest entrant in the Tlokweng Constituency parliamentary by-election, former Specially-Elected Member of Parliament (MP) Shirley Segokgo, is a bosom friend of President Ian Khama, says former ruling party MPs Pono Moatlhodi and Wynter Mmolotsi.

13-year jail term for murderer

2nd May 2017

Francistown High Court, Judge, Phadi Solomon has sentenced Chebukani Chikunda to 13 years in prison for stabbing Coleman Nkomo to death in 2012 in Nswazwi Village following a drinking spree.

Plan to reduce medication error deaths unveiled

25th April 2017

Until the age of 16 in 2004, Sekgabo Maruping was a normal child doing Form 3 at Tshegetsang CJSS in Molepolole, her home village. Yet when she graduated at senior secondary school five years later, she did so as a special needs student – because she had become completely deaf.

Another private hospital for Gabs

25th April 2017

Gaborone’s suburb of Peolwane (Block 7) will soon have a facelift as a new private hospital is set for the area to improve people’s functionality and quality of life.Sidilega Private Hospital, as it will be called, is a locally registered company currently setting up a 103-bed Multi-Specialty Care facility in the area north-west of Gaborone.

Kokorwe has no backbone - Boko

25th April 2017

Members of Parliament have expressed mixed views on the performance of the just ended Budget session. During the session, MPs were usually fighting over lack of quorum, attitude by colleagues towards others, abuse of the house by the speaker and executive and unsatisfactory answering of questions by ministers among others.

We’ve failed Batswana – MPs admit

25th April 2017

Members of Parliament have expressed mixed views on the performance of the just ended Budget session.During the session, MPs were usually fighting over lack of quorum, attitude by colleagues towards others, abuse of the house by the speaker and executive and unsatisfactory answering of questions by ministers among others.

Water tariffs to be increased

25th April 2017

Imposed water restrictions in Gaborone and surrounding areas remain in force, Water Utilities Corporation (WUC) Chief Executive Officer, Mmetla Masire has said.

I fear journalists - Robert Masitara

25th April 2017

Former Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) legislator for Gaborone West North Robert Masitara has fingered local journalists for his deafening silence in his campaign for the BDP chairmanship position in the Central Committee elections slated for July in Tonota.

A normal life with Haemophilia is possible

25th April 2017

Bubbly and undeterred by a genetic blood condition that predisposes him to frequent bleeding, James Nkomo still exudes oodles of a positive spirit.
He has since found a way to live life fully with haemophilia, a condition he was diagnosed with when he was only one year old. Born in Maitengwe, Nkomo remembers outgrowing his mother’s and grandmother’s laps to explore the exciting world around him.

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