The troubled Botswana Public Employees Union (BOPEU) leadership moved swiftly on Tuesday to terminate the contract of Executive Chairman of Babereki Investments, Andrew Motsamai. This comes after Motsamai was slapped with ten days leave last week while the leadership wanted to establish financial mismanagement at the business arm of the union. On Monday a board meeting was held and it was decided that the two parties should part ways. Motsamai was on a five-year contract with the business arm of the union. He was employed earlier this year after resigning as the union President. “It is true we have decided that we part ways with comrade and pay his benefits. There was no way we could have kept him looking at how things have been happening in the business. He will be paid what he is supposed to get from us,” said the source. At a monthly salary of P70 000 per month on a contract of five years, Motsamai is expected to get a whopping P4 million from his employer as contractual obligations and benefits.

13th September 2017


7th September 2017

Rola Kepese or Safe Male Circumcision, is the surgical removal of the foreskin. In Botswana, the campaign has attracted mixed reactions with some people for and others against it. Take for example, local artist Odirile Vee Mampeezy Sento, who is also the Ambassador of the SMC programme, has all the beautiful words regarding SMC and its benefits. The ‘I do’ hitmaker’s association with the safe male circumcision camapaign dates back to 2009.

Batswana run the show at GIMC comedy gig

6th September 2017

Throngs of revellers attended the Gaborone International Music and Culture (GIMC) week comedy show held at Ba Isago University on Friday evening. Perhaps the revellers had thought they would get the best of local talent and Mr Ibu of Nigeria, but the latter disappointed. The MC of the evening, South African Thapelo Thips of Shampoo Fame could have been the headline act; he is funny and he had the audience in stitches.

Some medical practitioners in fraudulent claims

4th September 2017

Fraud, waste and abuse have recently emerged as the major challenges affecting the medical aid companies while the medical aid schemes seem to be struggling to find solutions to the problem. Some clients have reported claims that were made in their names when they had not even been ill, with the medical aid companies seemingly reluctant to pursue the cases further because of the complications involved.


4th September 2017

Medical Aid companies have reported that they are currently losing about seven to 15 percent monthly on fraud payments. Medical Aid funds/Scheme (MAFs) are regulated and supervised by Non Banking Financial Institutions Regulatory Authority(NBFIRA). However NBFIRA states that there are currently no subordinate regulations and rules to license and monitor the MAFs effectively. Available figures from NBFIRA show that currently MAFs only cover about 18 percent of the population of Botswana and as at end of December 2014 they covered 385, 470 lives.

I am diabetic, asthmatic and HIV-positive

4th September 2017

Her looks are deceptive. You can never guess that her outwardly healthy body and cheerful attitude masks not one, but three chronic diseases. Mosalagae Tollito* is a 39-year old mother of two kids, aged 12 and 8 years, and she has suffered from Asthma since early childhood. At 23, she was diagnosed with Diabetes. She went to a clinic and reported itching in private parts, but did not think it important enough to tell that she was also urinating frequently. The medication she got did not improve her condition.

Duma hits out at Ndaba

4th September 2017

The President of Botswana National Front (BNF), Duma Boko has said that he is not concerned about people who want to leave the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC). Since one of the affiliates of UDC, the troubled orange movement, Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD) engaged in a power struggle, there have been rumours that Ndaba Gaolathe’s faction is planning to form a new party because UDC is failing to resolve their conflict.

ANC spurns BNF advances, flirts openly with BDP

4th September 2017

The danger of long distance or cross-border relationships is the real prospect that you could be stood up on a date. And while Botswana National Front (BNF) continues to show strong feelings of affection for African National Congress (ANC), the latter doesn’t reciprocate the chemistry. This past weekend party leadership and the rank and file were left with an egg in the face, as ANC were nowhere to be seen at a Lobatse appointment.

Man arraigned for murder of love rival

4th September 2017

A 24-year old man of Maipaahela in Francistown accused of killing his love rival on Saturday has been further remanded in custody. The state alleges that Emmanuel Ikaneng murdered Tebogo Gabanakgang in cold blood with a knife during a drinking spree.

Ntsuape committed to High Court

4th September 2017

An alleged serial arsonist and murder suspect Gobuamang Ntsuape, 30, branded ‘burning passion’ for setting his victims and their property ablaze, will stand trial at the High Court at a date yet to be set. This was said by the presiding Magistrate Kaveri Kapeko.“You are committed to stand trial at the High Court in terms of section 96 of the Criminal Procedure and Evidence Act.”

Kiosk owner accuses police of incompetence

4th September 2017

An elderly resident of Monarch in Francistown whose kiosk has been hit twice by petty thieves in a space of two weeks has blamed Botswana police services of incompetence. “My kiosk has been broken into for the second time now thanks to the police whose service stinks.

Duma Boko takes on ZCC

4th September 2017

Zion Christian Church (ZCC) is fighting hard to bar one of its members, Josta Isaac from being enjoined in a constitutional case the church is currently embroiled in with 11 ‘wayward’ members of the Tlokweng church branch. The matter is before Gaborone High Court Judge, Michael Mothobi. Isaac is represented by Advocate Duma Boko who argues that his client has the constitutional right to protect his interest as a member of the church.

Kgamane snubs Nata residents again

4th September 2017

Nata residents who thronged the Kgotla on Friday hoping to resolve the village’s chieftainship dispute through an election, left dejected as the meeting was cancelled at the last minute to a later date. The announcement of the next election will be made from Bamangwato village of Serowe.

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