Germany to partner Botswana on solar energy

Government has been repeatedly urged to consider solar power as an alternative source of energy to that which is generated from fossil fuels to supplement electricity.

1st March 2016

Pre-school pupils taught in bat-infested classroom

1st March 2016

Chadibe North Primary School in the Central district is reportedly overwhelmed by bats which have occupied most of the school classrooms, causing a terrible stench due to their droppings which in turn may cause various diseases.

Religious leaders ponder over existence of God

1st March 2016

Religious leaders who gathered at the Hindu temple last Friday in Gaborone agreed on one thing: That there is only one God, with various names according to religions.

Sexanana gives Gantsi residents sleepless nights

1st March 2016

Residents of Gantsi would like to see more intensive research done on the prosopis mesquite plant, commonly known as sexanana.

Machaneng residents welcome ESP

25th February 2016

Residents of Machaneng Village in Tswapong have praised the Economic Stimulus Programme that was launched in their village by President Dr. Ian Khama this past Saturday.

Students given condoms during boot camps

25th February 2016

Students from various senior secondary schools around the country were given condoms last year during boot camps to prepare them for life after secondary school.


23rd February 2016

The Mosquito has been thrust back into the spotlight this time for resurfacing the fast spreading Zika Virus. This virus is another mosquito borne disease which like Malaria and Yellow Fever is capable of affecting thousands of people in a short space of time.

‘Please, help me hear and walk again’

23rd February 2016

At the age of 30, Bathusi Sesuma had wanted to be a civil engineer. Now his dream is shattered due to Tuberculous meningitis, a condition that has left him crippled and deaf.

Nata rocked by bogosi crisis

23rd February 2016

The village of Nata is currently rocked by a chieftainship crisis after the resignation of Senior Sub Tribal Authority at the village customary court Kgosi Mokgatli Makgesi last year due to ill health.

Dr. Nasha ridicules Dr. Khama at rally

23rd February 2016

The war of words between President Lt. Gen. Dr. Ian Khama and former Speaker of Parliament, Dr. Margaret Nasha who was launched by the opposition Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) over the weekend at Maru-a-Pula in Gaborone has degenerated into personality attacks.

Court dismisses BOPEU’s application

23rd February 2016

Members of Botswana Public Employee Union (BOPEU) suffered a big blow last week Friday when Judge Isaac Bahuma of the Industrial Court dismissed their case in which they were challenging Ministry of Agriculture over the settlement agreement reached in 2012.

How safe is street vended food?

23rd February 2016

Government has decided to repeal, re-enact, consolidate and amend the current Food Control Act of 1993 to harmonise it with the existing climate of universal food safety for all and economic food industry liberalisation.

Moitlhobogi, the extraordinary youth

23rd February 2016

His name is an oxymoron, by all accounts. It conjures in a contrasting form the imagery of trust in conditions of despair.

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