Pastor-cum-diviner condemns ritual murders as archaic

The recent murder of an 18-year-old girl in the Kweneng district allegedly for ritual purposes, has once again put politicians, traditional leaders, businessmen and women as well as, tragically, church leaders on the spotlight.

8th January 2016

28 people die over the festive period

7th January 2016

At least 28 people died  in separate  road accidents during  the Christmas and New Year festive season specifically from 18th December 2015 to 3rd January 2016. Only 37 people died during the same period last year.

Campaign to ban illicit tobacco gains traction

7th January 2016

In this case the evidence is before our eyes. The dominant street vendors and sellers of single tobacco sticks or cigarettes all around Botswana are the most economically vulnerable in the community, women and unfortunately the children particularly young girls down to the age of 16-years.

Unemployment rears its ugly face

21st December 2015

An investigation into high proportions of unemployment in the second city of Francistown by the Midweek Sun has unearthed the different faces of joblessness faced by youth.

'Go December Boss’- CAT is the main drug in circulation this festive season.

21st December 2015

The local adage ‘Go December Boss’ is affiliated with the vibe and hype of December, one of the silliest seasons of the year. A time when new experiences are explored and high risks and experiments are taken. With travel people seek a new location to visit with loved ones.

Makin’s art explores politics of identity

21st December 2015

Kim Karabo Makin is definitely one of the upcoming artists worth looking out for now that the appreciation of the arts is slowly flourishing in the country.

Women take off the masks

21st December 2015

Women have been urged to work hard to make their dreams a reality. At a classy event this past weekend at Avani hotel in Gaborone, Zanele Obah, a psychologist, motivational speaker and RB2 presenter told the women who attended Hiding Behind the Mask to find their identity before they seek validation from other people.

Khama too busy to attend parliament-Kokorwe

21st December 2015

Speaker of the National Assembly Gladys Kokorwe has said that President Ian Khama is too busy to attend Parliament fully.

Cllr quits BDP over water, power crisis

21st December 2015

The unending shortage of power and water in the country has forced Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) councillor for Kudumelapye-Sesung ward in Takatokwane constituency, Bokopano Tumiso to dump his party.

UDC urged to use public demonstrations

21st December 2015

Botswana National Front (BNF) veteran activist, Dr Elmon Tafa has said that the time has arrived for Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) to engage in more demonstrations to express in concern about the current government.

Khan sets up funeral scheme for Borakalalo ward

21st December 2015

Councillor for the Borakalalo ward in Molepolole North constituency Arafat Khan is working around the clock to set up a funeral scheme for his constituents.

No judgement yet in BNYC case

21st December 2015

Lobatse High Court Acting Judge, Jennifer Dube has deferred judgement again a case in which former board members of the dissolved Botswana National Youth Council (BNYC) are challenging its dissolution.

Catholics declare 2016 Year of Mercy

21st December 2015

The Extraordinary Jubilee ‘Year of Mercy’ brings a new process designed to make the Catholic marriage annulments practices much simpler.

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