Matenge slams Domboshaba Board

Former diplomat Edwin Matenge has chided the board of the Domboshaba Cutural Trust (DCT) which organises the annual Domboshaba Cultural Festival for tardiness. Officially opening the event over the weekend near the Domboshaba hill in Kalakamati, which event ran under the theme: Preserving Bakalanga Culture For The Present And Future Generations, he suggested that, one of the problems that lead to late invitations to the festival is lack of commitment by some members in the current Board.

4th October 2017

Poverty is a threat to national security – BOPEU

4th October 2017

Botswana Public Service Employee Union (BOPEU) says the government is sitting on a ticking-time bomb by failing to address poverty, inequality and unemployment. The union said this in their pre-budget paper tabled last week at an event organised by Finance and Development Planning ministry. The union said these three challenges could pose a serious national security threat to the country.

Mapantsula join crusade against crime

4th October 2017

 Challenge stereotypes of mapantsula being criminals

Nail biting is bad for oral health

4th October 2017

It seems such an innocuous habit but medical experts say nail biting, clinically known as Onychophagia, has adverse health effects aiding in disease transmission. It is an impulse control disorder, in which sufferers start biting their nails and the skin around the nails and cuticle, whenever they get anxious or nervous. Not only has it been identified as a form of obsessive compulsive disorder by the American Psychiatric Association but, nail biting, say experts, can permanently damage your nails, gums and teeth.

Best treatment for fibroids available

4th October 2017

For years Gorata Moabi (34) wondered why it felt like her body was turning against her. The primary school teacher was in constant pain, suffering from heavy periods and bloating. She says it felt like there was a constant weight inside of her. “It’s not a good feeling as a woman thinking there are parts of you that don’t work the way you want them to work. Avoiding it is not going to make it go away,” she said. Moabi has fibroids.

Internet Cafés dying a slow painful death

4th October 2017

As the country is rapidly catching up with Information Communication Technology developments, Small Medium Enterprises in the Information Communication Technology industry are not benefiting from the developments. Recently visiting the Internet service providers operating as the Internet Cafes, The Midweek Sun learnt that since the introduction of smart phones Internet business has been gradually going down. Available figures from Botswana Communications Regulatory Authority indicate that Botswana has one of the highest record of mobile penetration at 176 percent, internet users stand at 21.4 percent while the fixed line telephony services stand at 8.2 percent.


4th October 2017

Batswana escaped a terror attack on Sunday in America when retired accountant Stephen Paddock, 64, sent bullets on thousands attending a Jason Aldean concert in Las Vegas from his adjacent Mandalay hotel room.
The hotel is situated in the Las Vegas strip, an area in Las Vegas that has all forms of gambling resorts. It’s about 6.8km long. The southernmost resort property is the Mandalay Bay which is not far from the hotel. The Mandalay Bay resort hosted the Country Music festival known as Route 91 Harvest Festival which on the day of the attack was on its third and last day.
Amongst Batswana who escaped by the Grace of the Lord are CEO of Botswana Gambling Authority, Thuli Johnson and four members of his executive staff who are currently in Las Vegas attending the annual Gambling Global Convention and Expo at the Sands Expo and Convention Centre.
Johnson confirmed to The Midweek Sun in an exclusive interview that he is in Las Vegas but is not hurt as he did not attend the festival despite being in the vicinity of the concert venue.
Johnson said he arrived in Las Vegas on a flight from Chicago and that everything was as Las Vegas should be - full of optimism and excitement.


27th September 2017

While the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) has been playing hide and seek with the highly anticipated report of their former Secretary General, the late Gomolemo Motswaledi, The Midweek Sun is reliably informed that the report has been ready for a long time. It is said the report is currently held by two prominent lawyers, Tshiamo Rantao and Dick Bayford.


20th September 2017

*There is no BMD President -Boko

‘Transgender is not gay’

19th September 2017

Deeply-embedded homophobic and transphobic attitudes, combined with a lack of adequate legal protection against discrimination continue to expose Key Populations (KPs) to dreadful violations of their human rights in Africa. Their plight was the focus of discussions for representatives of National Human Rights Institutions (NHRI) and civil society organisations (CSOs) at the 2nd Regional Capacity Strengthening Convening for NHRIs and CSOs in Johannesburg, South Africa.

First In-Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) lab opens in Gaborone

19th September 2017

*Women can now freeze their eggs locally

Dr Thelma Tlhaselo-Majela: A life skills and peace building specialist

19th September 2017

Her experience as a Counsellor has shown her time and time again that within each individual lies courage, strength, resilience, beauty, and the desire to love and be loved and connected to both oneself and others. In this first instalment Dr Thelma Tlhaselo-Majela talks to RACHEL RADITSEBE about her noble profession.

Boko snubs Molapisi

19th September 2017

*‘He does not take my calls nor respond to my messages’

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