Dr. S. Radovanovic: Warns that tattoos can bring you infections

Consultant dermatologist Dr Spasoje Radovanovic gives an exclusive insight into life as a dermatologist and how he treats those in his care.

19th January 2018

Kgosi Malope II cracks the whip

18th January 2018

Close to 100 young men and women who had been terrorising Kanye were brought before Paramount Kgosi Malope II last year December for some serious flogging at the main Kgotla.

Segokgo: a victim of greed or astute politician?

18th January 2018

South East District Council Chairman Phenyo Segokgo is currently torn between joining Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD) and Botswana National Front (BNF). Segokgo had promised to announce his next political home this past Monday but to no avail. He was expelled from BMD last year, along with then party president Ndaba Gaolathe. Segokgo disclosed this week in an interview with The Midweek Sun that he is currently weighing which party between BMD and BNF to join. He said his choice will be informed by the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) February 2018 congress which will make resolutions concerning some wards in Tlokweng including the one he currently holds.

Bdp invades opposition territory

18th January 2018

The Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) parliamentary candidates in the 18 opposition held constituencies will this weekend engage in a rat race during the Bulela Ditswe primary elections after it was delayed and postponed by the party leadership last year through a high court ruling in which they had appealed to have civil servants barred from participating in the party primary elections, an appeal which they eventually won. The following constituencies are up for grabs, including those the BDP feels they hold by a thread.

Davids was killed like a dog - eyewitnesses

18th January 2018

Sorilatholo settlement is 58 kilometres north of Letlhakeng. It is where Kutlwano Rakgare, 31, stays. She is the girlfriend of Petros Jabulani Dube, 31, a Zimbabwean from Plumtree, who had been working for Isaacs for over 15 years as a herdboy and a part-time builder. Dube and fellow herdboy Mokgalemi Maleya, 32, from Ramotswa, killed the ruling Botswana Democratic Party legislator on Sunday by stabbing him with a knife all over his body. They were working for him at his Lematswe farm, which is a stone’s throw away from Sorilatholo.

Why he was called Fokon Bastardv

18th January 2018

We respectfully call him (Isaac Davids) Abuti Ike, meaning ‘brother Ike.’ We used to hang out at one of his bars in Mochudi, called FNB, which stands for Fokkon Bastard. He is affectionately known as Fucking Bustard, which is pronounced ‘Fokkon Bastard.’ The nickname comes from the days of his aggression, when he used to thump people at the drinking holes. He was quick with the slap on the face. I have seen him splash a whole glass of whisky in a man’s face as they were drinking together at his FNB bar. I couldn’t help laughing inside, as I saw the poor chap gasp for air, frantically wiping the liquor off his soaked face. He was furious to the brink as he jerked off his seat and tried to advance upon Abuti Ike (Isaac Davids)  for a brawl. Abuti Ike was sitting down in his chair, very calm, and waving his thick arm at the man to advance, chanting the daring words: “Let him come, let him come forth this Fokkon Bastard.” That was the first time I ever heard the expression ‘Fokkon Bastard’ come out of his mouth. Abuti Ike is a loving man who understands the law of the jungle. - Kgosi Kgafela

Man in sedan knocks dog, dies on the spot

18th January 2018

A 35 year old man employed by Debswana died on the spot Friday night after hitting a dog in his Golf sedan in Mokubilo village. Villagers discovered his body covered in blood on the driver’s seat Saturday morning. Some of his blood had gushed outside and was visible on the ground. But, alarmingly, eyewitnesses, who suspect witchcraft in the accident, say the car had not veered off the road or overturned after knocking down the small dog.

Petty burglars pardoned after harrowing court ordeal

18th January 2018

Francistown principal magistrate Thebeitsile Molalu shocked a fully packed court room last week Thursday when he ordered two Christmas house burglars to move from the dock and kneel down on the floor facing him and beg for forgiveness. He compelled the two confessed criminals to make a vow that they will never set foot again before a magistrate on any criminal related matter. The two accused persons Bakang Mpelegang and Tshiamo Solomon are alleged to have broken into the house of Tshepo Setlojane on Christmas day and made off with two cell phones whose value was not divulged before court.

KBL distances itself from tin compactor fatal accident

18th January 2018

Kgalagadi Breweries Limited has distanced itself from a fatal accident in which a 24 year old man from Matshelagabedi died January 11 at KBL operational site in Francistown after he was crushed by a suspected dysfunctional tin compactor machine. The accident which left many KBL employees shocked has been a subject of discussion with those close to the development attributing the death of the young man to a technical fault of the machine.

Kgosi Sekai rallies Bakgatla to unite

18th January 2018

Kgosi Sekai of Bakgatla has said he fears the tribe will split if it does not act promptly to support him in restoring peace and order among Bakgatla. Kgosi Sekai made the call during a Kgotla meeting held at Mochudi main Kgotla this past weekend. “As tribal leaders, it is our duty to restore peace and order. We have a problem where women come to Kgotla to seek assistance wearing trousers, which is against our tradition,” he said.

Water Utilities in the eye of a storm

18th January 2018

Molepolole Village is as dry as Kgalagadi desert; actually, majority of the village residents can hardly remember the day they saw water coming out of their taps. It has been many years of dry spell. Villagers say the lack of water began back in 2011 when the Department of Water Affairs handed over the reins to Water Utilities Corporation (WUC). It is not clear as to what could have gone wrong but since then, things have been going from bad to worse for Bakwena.

Villagers pour venom on WUC over water

18th January 2018

In the wake of the complaints regarding shortage of water in Molepolole, The Midweek Sun team toured the village and indeed found rusty taps that clearly proved that no water had come out of them anytime lately. Other taps were even broken. “This tap is useless we never bother anymore, we buy water and it’s a struggle because we are a family of 11,” said one concerned resident Tidimalo Goboletswe.

Good Samaritan, Geil cries for his thirsty village, Molepolole

18th January 2018

Geil Stroh (80) is a well-known man in Molepolole village. This does not come as a surprise because Geil (as popularly known) is the main source of water in Molepolole. There is little to no water flow in Molepolole, with some taps reported to have been dry for the past seven years. The situation is so bad in that the community buys water on a daily basis for survival. However, using the borehole he dug for his family inside their home, Geil has been supplying water to Molepolole residents for many years now.

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