A third of African elephants have been wiped out due to ivory poaching between 2007 and 2014- A recent survey has shown

Recent statistics released by the Great Elephant Census, a three year long survey conducted across the African continent, revealed that nearly a third of the continent’s largest elephants had been wiped out between 2007 and 2014, predominantly due to poaching for ivory. 

31st October 2016

Nata Senior Secondary school hit by severe water shortage

27th October 2016

Nata Senior Secondary School is reported to be in a severe water shortage crisis. This dire situation has allegedly prevailed for the past two weeks

Reusable sanitary pads hit local market

21st October 2016

Many teenage girls, especially in rural areas, have often found it difficult to access sanitary pads. Where accessible however, the girls have found them to be expensive, leading to some girls in such areas opting to habitually stay at home while on their periods.

Suspended judges win right to receive correct court record

21st October 2016

Gaborone High Court has ruled in favour of the suspended four judges to have Registrar and Master of High Court avail them a complete court record of proceedings.

BMD activists now retrace steps back to BDP

21st October 2016

More members from Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD) are said to be on their way to joining the ruling party.

The horror of sexual abuse in the home

21st October 2016

Besides learning that your child has died, or is dying, there probably can be nothing more devastating to a parent than hearing your daughter was a victim of sexual abuse. It could be even more distressing to learn that it was at the hands of a trusted relative or acquaintance.

Botswana Railways loses P15m in passenger train accident

17th October 2016

The Botswana Railways passenger train, BR Express, is expected to resume normal duty today after the disruption to its schedule occasioned by a rail crash that took place just before midnight on Monday.

Bokamoso embarks on open heart surgery

17th October 2016

In what will be a landmark achievement for Botswana’s healthcare, Bokamoso Private Hospital has embarked on an open heart surgery project that is set to benefit both locals and non-citizens alike.

Poor sight pensioners to receive free eye care

17th October 2016

The Mercy Hand Foundation (MHF) has partnered with Optical Centre to conduct eye examinations and donate eyeglasses to pensioners in Moshupa, many of whom have to put up with poor eyesight because they cannot afford to buy spectacles.

We did not fail, says BCL boss, Dr. Fichani

17th October 2016

BCL Board Chairman Dr Khaulani Fichani says his board and management did all they could to help keep the mine out of the red. Dr Fichani, a replacement of  Dr Akolang Tombale who resigned earlier this year, said his team and the management were committed in ensuring that the mine does not find itself where it is today.

Timber City boss shot dead in Block 6 robbery

17th October 2016

The family of businessman Jinesh Naik (25), who was gunned down last week by unknown assailants in Block 6, Gaborone is still reeling in shock from the incident.

TNMC workers in the dark about salary arrangements

17th October 2016

Employees of Tati Nickel Mining Company (TNMC), a subsidiary of BCL mine, which together with its parent company were recently placed under liquidation by the government, are currently in the dark about their salary arrangements.

‘Just give us our monies’ – BCL miners tell Masisi

17th October 2016

Miners at the troubled BCL mine say that the company should just give them their money so  that they can leave.