BDP celebrates Samedupi and Xobe victory

Botswana Democratic Party members gathered in Xobe and Samedupi 2 over the weekend to celebrate their victory in 2014 general election and to thank members.

31st May 2016

Water restrictions introduced in Kweneng

31st May 2016

Residents in Molepolole and Thamaga expressed their concerns to Water Utilities Corporation (WUC) leadership as to the continued water shortage problem in the area, leading to the corporation introducing water restrictions in the Kweneng area.

Former students owe MoESD over P2, 4 billion

31st May 2016

The Ministry of Education and Skills Development has expressed doubts that it will ever recover over P2, 4 billion it is owed for sponsoring tertiary students over the past years, citing poor records management as a hindrance.

‘I have forgiven you’ says Minister

23rd May 2016

Minister of Youth Sports and Culture Thapelo Olopeng says he has forgiven the faceless person who posted on his Facebook page condemning his silence in the wake of the Sebina saga and wishing that someone could brutally rape his daughter.

BDP Women’s Wing joins Sebina fray

23rd May 2016

Botswana Democratic party (BDP) Women’s Wing has called on the mother body to revisit the party’s Code of Conduct and act accordingly in the Sebina saga.

Deputy PS’ car attached to pay legal costs

23rd May 2016

When Deputy Permanent Secretary for Information in the Office of the President,  Mogomotsi Kaboeamodimo tried to sue a newspaper little did he know that he would end up with a huge legal debt.

Collins Newman and Co loses first round against newspaper

23rd May 2016

Lobatse High Court Judge, Michael Leburu has said that Collins Newman and Company (CNC) law firm together with its senior partners took long to approach the court to interdict publication of alleged defamatory articles.

BDP Women’s Wing mum on Sebina saga

16th May 2016

Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) Women’s Wing has not yet stated its position on the ongoing Sebina defilement saga.

Traditional midwifery at risk of extinction

16th May 2016

Mpopi Moche (83) is a popular traditional midwife in Moshupa recognised mostly for her outspoken defense of the profession she says is 'in danger of extinction'.

Car brake fluid used to spike drinks during beer binges

16th May 2016

An investigation by the Midweek Sun around Francistown has established that petty criminals more especially school drop-outs use car brake fluid on unsuspecting victims during alcohol drinking binges in various bars in the townships of Francistown.

Chobe National Park strives to reduce congestion

16th May 2016

The Department of Wildlife and National Parks has come up with a strategy that will help to reduce congestion, protect the environment, and enhance wilderness experience in the Chobe National Park and to promote professional guiding.

Enough is enough

16th May 2016

A certain group of men and women dubbed #Ishallnotforget have requested society at large to come together as ‘Women and men against all sexual abuse of children’.

Botswana signs Paris Agreement for Climate Change

16th May 2016

Botswana has joined 174 countries to become a signatory to the Paris Agreement that aims to stop climate change in the future.

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